Friday, November 5, 2010

About last is all in the details.


ood Morning All.  I had just a wonderful time last night being in the presence of the wonderfully talented Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kocher.  Since they are in Charlotte for the Metrolina Antique Fair, they stopped by the talented Mrs. Howard and Max and Co. and set a Holiday Table.  And you know how I am a sucker for a well thought out table.... It was just beautiful.  Eddie shared a few of his tips and tricks for a beautiful table setting.

It really is all in the details (and they don't have to be expensive!)

Taking cues from the amazing setting of the space, they used corals and pinks to accent the green in the room.  A tip from Eddie.... don't try to force a color in a room...make it compliment the decor.  (red and green would have looked not so great!)

Of course, they had beautiful vintage and antique tableware.  The plates were vintage brown transferware set atop a new charger.  They mixed and matched the flatware.  If Cartier can mix metals in fashion, why can't we mix them on a table (really a good tip, don't try to buy things in full sets, you can ALWAYS mix and match OR borrow from friends!) Eddie borrowed the beautifully monogrammed napkins from Mrs. Howard...

The flowers were just hydrangeas, coral and white roses.  All things you can find at a grocery store (well sometimes).  And the supporting flowers (flanking each side of tht were arranged in little  painted white pumpkins that Phoebe found for 50 cents!  (I love that she loves a great deal too!

The place cards were ingenious, and just takes  looking at things in a different way.  These little turkey's cards are vintage postcards that E&J had photocopied.  Then they just added the names.  This says thanksgiving with out screaming it!  The details....

The Candles were from Creative candles, of course!  Eddie had a great tip.  Add color with candles, white is boring! It is a way to go up with your eyes.  I wish I had a better photo of the candlelit room, but i am sure you can use your imagination....the mood was set.

Using Salt Cellars and pepper shakers on a little plate  or bowl, makes it easy to pass around the table.  (and make sure you take them OFF before dessert, or Eddie might just have to slap your hand!)

The Table runners (3 going across the table creates placemats) are simply linen from Hancock Fabrics with the raw edges turned under and ironed.  (this is a trick I have used for many a dinner or really is simple...who doesn't have an iron!)

The napkin holders are simply a little bit of wooden twine with acorns (that have been glittered) attached with a few leaves from good ol nature (free of course!)

I loved the little turkey on the table...Eddie says he now has 13, and he uses them at individual place setting for the soup course.  This MAKES the table feel like a Thanksgiving table.  Another, little detail.

I wish I my name was on one of those place cards, and I could have sat down and chatted with all of them at this gorgeous table....can you imagine the food that would be served!.

Of course I got all googly and tongue tied when I met them. I felt like all that was coming out of my mouth sounded like "gobble, gobble, gobble:)" But they couldn't have been more gracious and welcoming.

Can't wait for tomorrow's shopping trip.


René said...

Great inspiration Gretchen! That must have been such a treat for you. I was wondering how it went. So glad you shared a few pics.


A Perfect Gray said...

man. looks like it was wonderful. great tips, too - love the vintage postcard as placecards.

now, we want all the deets on your Metrolina trip!

mom said...

Gretchen, you are such a "Turkey:-)" --I'm sure both Eddie and J were charmed! Loved the pics -- I'm going thru some of our old cards and postcards for future table settings.

The Buzz Blog said...

You lucky girl!! Love, love, love - I "gobbled" up these beautiful pictures - a tablesetting filled with style and grace. E + J (and Mrs. Howard!) are the best and I can't wait to meet them in two weeks!

Moments and Impressions said...


what a great time to have a dinner party - when everyone is gearing up for the holidays but no one has it together yet...

Fran said...

So beautiful! I could look at Eddie's tabetops all day!!

Unknown said...

So happy to see the magic that E+J worked up at Mrs. Howard's! I have learned and continue to learn so much from them. The colored candle drawing your eye a great example!

So happy you were able to spend some time with these two talented gentlemen!!!!
xoxo E