Friday, September 24, 2010

TA DA!!!!

 And How about that puppy in the office enjoying the kitchen, hoping food will fall from the sky!

I was supposed to take pics yesterday, the day got away from me and I cleaned last night.   So this morning after the kids go to school, I was all ready and my husband decides to USE the kitchen and make eggs...the nerve.  At least I know HE likes it too!  At least he cleaned up after himself.

My Island...the center of the kitchen, the Hub, with the Walnut top that I Happily chop on!
We are done...a kitchen in a week.  (the recap, the highlights, the good and the bad)  Thanks for sticking with me, I just thought that instead of doing a before and after post, there was just so much that needed to be said.   So, here it is.  OUR kitchen, the heart of our home, where it all goes down.    We have only been here a few short months and have already created so many memories.  My children sit at the island, just as I had imagined and talk to me the "waitwess!", my friends come and have coffee and we chat, my college age brother stops by and makes his eggs, and steals cokes (and the occasional beer) out of the drink fridge, I had my first ladies luncheon, and so many art projects have already been created on the island.  I am looking forward to our first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Where the food and drink will flow with family and friends.

The pantry/office  It really does work!

The Display Wall,
the cabinet holds all of my green and pink depression glass. 
And to the right is the drink fridge and coffee area.
Part of me wishes I had a sink over there, but then I would have lost valuable storage....

Here are a few little behind the scenes things that I was so happy we built in.  Again, the beauty of custom cabinets, and the beauty of a great cabinet man that will create a drawer to fit compost and another drawer int he pantry to fit the 50lb bag of dog food!

THE compost drawer
(this is great b.c I chop on the butcherblock, and just wipe it into the drawer) 
The trash pull out is under this. Makes cleanup a snap!

The good bad and the ugly...that would be the coffee filter. 
My little nook
(Since the wall here was 8" wide, I fought for this little nook!)  Then men thought I was crazy, but now know how smart it was, it adds 6" of counterspace to the right side of the Range)

The spice pullouts next to the stove.

The Printers cabinet

These are 4 drawers that look like 8.  I wouldn't dare show you what is inside!

The Sink Grid
This really saves the sink, AND I will never go back to a 2 bowl sink!
(my husband's breakfast this morning!)

So there you have it.  Our KITCHEN. 
Just a little reminder, this is what it used to look can read about it here.

Have a wonderful weekend....we have family coming into town.  I love having guests.


Rene said...

Every detail is stunning. I especially love the first image where you see the rug, art, office chair and shade. You must be beside yourself. And to think that memories have already been created, now that is what a home should be.

A Perfect Gray said...

NO! I can not believe those are the before shots! Wow. It's fantastic. so many things I love: wood countertop, subway tile, farm sink. You did a terrific job. I am going back to look some more, especially at those 'befores'.

Enjoyed that very much!


mom said...

I am so happy that your kitchen turned out so beautifully and I can pass the holiday dinner mantle TO the hostess with the mostest - FROM the hostess with the mostest (angst about entertaining that is)
I look forward to many wonderful family dinners :-)

The Buzz said...

I can't believe that's the same space. Bravo! Who wouldn't want to be a Top Chef at your house? Love the island and clean lines. Have a great weekend!

pretty pink tulips said...

W-O-W! So many things I love....the island, the pantry/office (wish I had that), the stove, your nook. Gretchen, it's really outstanding. I'm so happy knowing you're loving it too!!

Happy Friday - that was worth the wait!
xo Elizabeth

The Zhush said...

Your kitchen is so absolutely gorgeous! And! Your children are adorable...and how dare your husband USE the kitchen! :)
Thanks for sharing this here, loved seeing the finished project~

pve design said...

What a sweet spot, it really oughta be in a magazine or a movie! It looks like the place to be....I would love to send you a little something for your wee nook.

Gretchen O. said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. We Do love our kitchen, and I do find such pride in accomplishment knowing that we had vision to see it through...xoxo --Gretchen

CASABrasi said...

Beautiful kitchen Gretchen! I really love the details at the bottom.

Katie Brink said...

Beautiful kitchen! Could you tell me what the paint color on the walls is?