Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you have 20/20 vision?

Chair Vision that is:)  I think this poster is just awesome, and I would much rather use this in the eye exam room.  Just a little bit of chair artspiration, have a seat and enjoy. 
via Blue Art Studio

Image via etsy art by Annechovie
I just might have the perfect place for these a frame by my desk.  hmmmm:)
via etsy and Little Brown Pen
Can't resist a gaggle of green chairs
via etsy and Jaime Derringer
As a matter of fact I DO like to rock...thanks!
by Designer, Barbara Barry for Kravat...
chair fabric for your favorite chair!
another from blue art studio
Kids we are learning the ABC's today:)
Have a wonderful Friday, and I hope you all are doing some sittin and relaxin this weekend...(even if it is to read and write blogs:)


The Buzz said...

I'm sure I wouldn't have done better at my eye exam yesterday if I'd been reading the chair chart. Love the image of the park chairs, too... So need to take some time and hang out this weekend! Have a great one!

Rene said...

Great images. I have a thing for chairs the way some people have a thing for shoes.

Enjoy your relaxing weekend.

nichole said...

Hi Gretchen!

Thanks so much for including our chairs. I am such a chair junkie!