Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekday Flower Arrangement

Pretty Pink Camelia
I can't believe the Camelias are already blooming.  Crazy nice weather!  I love good weather in January, but hate that the flowers are all going to be inevitably snapped by a cold snap!  So bring in all the flowers you can, while you can.
Happy Monday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Partner in Creative Crime

Good Morning All.  I have an introduction to make....

I am so excited to finally tell you all about her and our little endeavor.

First off, her name is Tara Felder the owner of Jot Papers in Columbia, SC.  An amazing graphic designer that has over the past 4 years developed quite a portfolio of beautiful custom stationery.   If you want anything custom that has to do with paper and design....she is your girl! 

AND (insert drum roll)

We are now partners in Creative Crime!  About 3 weeks ago we started the arduous process of transforming a dreary office space into a light and bright studio space.  I mean blood, sweat, and tears ya'll....literally!  Late nights, weekends, kids in tow, it has been an adventure.  More than once we would both step away, mulling over another decision...and blurt out the same idea.  Separated at birth...maybe:)

We have so much in store for our little space.  Lots of creative energy bouncing around the walls.  From both of our business's everyday work to collaborative efforts  involving everything from paper to fabric to furniture, there will be lots of projects to share.

Tara is working tirelessly on a new e-commerce Website Jot Papers showcasing all of her work, so for those of your that are not local, her work will be available to you with a click of  a finger.

As for me, I am so happy to be out of my creative might just get a little easier and more productive....2012 is shaping up to be quite a year.

Oh, and if you want to stop by the studio.  We are open by appointment, but if you stop by and the lights are on, knock twice hold your breath and knock 3 more times....someone will come to the door.  Don't be surprised if there is  a paintbrush or staple gun, or we are surrounded by paint and paper swatches in is just 2 girls doing withat they love most....creating!  

Stop by and see us, or you can find us both online.  Tara has a fun inspirational blog, Jot Papers.

The Studio
3140 Carlisle Street
Columbia, SC 29205


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Potalla anyone?...a sneak peak.

The color story of a living room I am working on.
Let's start with the Potalla, as in Allan Campbell's Blue Potalla for Quadrille.  And then there is the designer Gretchen Opgenorth and the debut of her paisley.  Yes, ya'll there was a reason for my doodle.  I really wanted a graphic, large paisley for the drapes.  Couldn't find what I wanted.....  Soooooo, what a girl wants, a girl makes happen.  The fabric is a linen/cotton canvas, makes a really nice drape.  I am so excited to see all of this come together.  Found an awesome piece of artwork at Scott Antique Market.  AND made lots of connections with awesome vendors at Market.  This girl just might be in BUIZNESS!  I better be, because for those of you wondering, I have opened an office!  Will dish more about that tomorrow!

Off to do some more sourcing!

BTW: How do you like the new logo?  Yes, I suffer from new logo every 6 month syndrome, but I think I have nailed it this time!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keeping you guessing...and yellow lamps.

yummy yellow lamps.

 Ok, I really don't have a ton of time to do a post.  I am knee deep in work, and getting ready to go to Atlanta for Market.  But I am leaving you with a photo.  Not the best photo, because it was taken with my phone.  But there are a couple of clues as to what it might be.  I probably won't be able to post with all of the details (all very exciting ones) until next week.  Off I go to Charlotte today, and Atlanta tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend rest of your week and weekend ya'll!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Offices on the Brain

I adore Lonny Magazine's Office space.  And those yellow lamps...well...
Why, you might ask are offices on your brain?  Didn't you just finish your Guest Room/Office?  Well, I am not at liberty to say RIGHT now, but I am sure I can tell you later this week.   Until then, let me show you some things I have pinned lately.  You might see a common theme...and it might start with the letter W and end with E.

Ivy and Piper offices.  Color always pops off white. Lavender sofa?
I have a thing for Bentwood chairs.
Taken from Annchovie Blog....that is not MY print but hers!
I've always wanted white floors and a HUGE inspiration wall!  And love the desk on a table.
Hmmm....more bentwood and white floors...and OH, the storage.
HUGE window!
black and white with pops of color!
looks like they all started with a white base!
I loved colored ghost chairs too!

floating desk, in front of a sideboard...
a lofty space...maybe someday....nice bentwood.
is that an acrylic box with glass set on top....GENIUS!

So there you have a little white, a little color, and a few things thrown in between office inspiration!  I am inspired!   Ready for my super busy day!

Happy Tuesday.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No two Paisleys created equal.

I adore a good paisley.  I don't know what it is about them, but the more I think about it, the more I think it is the random, yet cohesive nature of a paisley.  You can almost get lost in the design, it can be intricate or not, but the nature of it remains the same.  No paisley is created equal.

Yesterday, I doodled a paisley and think it turned out pretty well.  My husband even did you get it so "symetrical" which I replied...."talent, my dear...pure talent", and then erupted into a giggle...TeeHee.  I of course could pick it apart and do things differently....but you have to start somewhere.

Here are some more paisleys for your viewing pleasure.

Paisley pillows.
The window treatments are so nice, with just a little paisley.
So graphic, yet the refined nature of a paisley brings in a tad of the traditional.
paisley walls?  I love all of the different bold colors.
quite obviously a stencil...but look at how different it seems from the last image.
paisley pants??
GORGEOUS!!!  I love the wallpaper.  I have seen it before, is it Farrow and Ball?
Traditional, yet very different paisley.  I love the design.

I love how Peter Dunham works a paisley.
All from Peter Dunham.

Really, ya'll I could go ON and ON and ON....instead I will point you to pinterest where you could spend hours researching Paisley alone! BTW: All photos are from Pinterest.

Have a wonderful Thursday.  I will be baking a Birthday Cake for my Dear Husband....and working on some other top secret stuff.  Maybe I will crank out another paisley...the day is my oyster! (can you tell I have had a couple cups of coffee!)  Off to work.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This inspired me....

I hope it will inspire you!  I found this on Heather Bullard's site yesterday....a very inpirational lady herself.

I am a huge fan of Ira Glass and This American Life.  He has gotten me through many a Long trip.  And if you don't already have it, the app "This American Life" for your Smartphone is a must have for only $2.99.

Happy Hump Day!   I have something BIG to share....hopefully tomorrow.