Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Fabric Design all Hung up!

I Finally got my Fabric Design Hung in the upstairs hallway.  I even made the drapes myself!  During one of the hottest days of the year....I was a one woman sweatshop.   I am not sure what to call the design, but I am sure it will come to me.  I created this design a long time ago, (read about it here.)  Inspired by the infamous Florence Broadhurst.    Mind you, this is before Kate Spade came out with the Florence Broadhurst line back in February...Florence Broadhurst has been one of my favorite fabric designers, like forever!   Maybe I will call her, Florence Floral:)  I plan on selling a few of my designs in the a few different colorways, so stay tuned.

Here is another view...

Anyway...I am preparing for a big trip...I am really excited about it.  I will be taking lots of photos with Instagram, so if you want to see where I am and when, follow me....#gretchenostudio.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  (at least I hope not:)

Have a great rest of your weekend.


Friday, July 6, 2012

A Client Project....Beaded Chandelier!

This is just a little something I installed recently.  It is in an eat in nook for a client of mine.  You will have to   imagine a Saarinen table underneath with Xback bistro chairs on a black and white cowhide rug. This was one of  the only photos I took, as they came home before I could take too many photos.

My client had fallen in love with one of the infamous Marjorie Skouras Beaded Chandelier seen below.

We definitely did not have $4k in the budget for an original, but you know me, where there is a will there is a way! 

Here is a little looky as to what the chandelier looked like before I transformed it with paint and turquoise beads  from Fire Mountain Gems.

This Chandelier used to be strung with prism's....I bought the shell from the guy and let him keep the sparkley I did not need them:) The wiring was still good and I was ecstatic that I had found it! All it needed was a little paint and new beads.  Et Voila!

I didn't really create a tutorial, because it is pretty self explanatory. 
Paint First+Beads +Wire=Pretty Chandelier.  

I considered using fishing wire, but thought better of it and used metal bead wire because I thought it would be safer under the heat of the light.

you can see the wire on this before I trimmed it.
Which is another tip, leave extra wire, and don't clip until the very end in case you have to make adjustments.

Just goes to show...a little imagination can go a LONG way, and that budget doesn't have to get in the way of making a room what you want.

It's gonna be another scorcher here in ol' South Cackalacky.  Have you all been doing any projects to keep your mind off the heat?