Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Bye 2011....Hello 2012!

Designed by my amazing Artist Mother....I absolutely love this card!  She is a creative genius...really:)

As we tow out our Christmas Trees, De-Holiday our houses, and Usher in a New Year with resolutions to be more organized, more healthy, more thoughtful, better mothers, wives, and friends, etc. etc.....

I want to take a moment and thank you all that have helped make this year such an amazing one.   Here is to my family and friends, near and my blogging buddies and  design friends I have only met via email and or via nice comments that are left on a daily basis, and to my amazing clients that let me into their homes to create and work at something I LOVE to do.  I really couldn't do any of this without you all!  This year has been filled with such wonderful blessings, in life and in my business.

I am hopeful that 2012 is just as great.  (there are some really exciting things that are already in the works, so it is already starting out on a good foot.)

See you all Next Year....(really, that never gets old to me:)

Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

A New Christmas Recipe

Every year I stress about baked goods, and every year I have a disaster cookie/baked goods drama.  (last year my banana bread turned into a dense poundcake...don't ask:):)  Designer and Cook I am....BAKER I AM NOT!!!!   This year, I decided to try a new recipe and am SOOOO pleased with the results.  Guess what is tied all up in these drop cloth packages....

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls!  

 Yep, it is true...I made Homemade Gooey Cinnamon Buns and it was NOT a disaster!  And they were WAY easier than I was anticipating...thanks to The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummand and her step by step, pictorial recipe on how to make them.  Really, ya'll SOOOO easy!  This year, I am actually proud to have my children present these packages to friends and family.   (instead of backing away from the door saying.."don't feel obligated to eat them"!!!)

 I did not take photos of the process, I am leaving that up to if YOU want to add this to your arsenal of Christmas/everyday homemade goodies then take a look at her site for the recipe and the how to. (if you haven't already!)  You will NOT be dissappointed. 

Now, we are off to do some delivering!

(BTW: I am 1 year older today.... thinking I don't like this Birthday thing anymore...)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finally....Christmas Decor

I have finally gotten it together enough to take pictures of the Christmas Decor.  This year has been fun....but I feel like I have gone at a snail's pace.  I mean it is December 20 and I am just posting about it!

So without further are the photos.

Candy Table when you walk in the house.

I started this tradition last year...Hard Candy Christmas.  I thought it would be fun to have treats for friends and family when they walk in the door.  They can just scoop and put the cellophane...much easier than cookies....and it is pretty too!  The funny thing is that the kids go up the stairs to see in the top of the stand to locate where their favorite treats are. For those of you wondering how the kids handle it.... after the first day, the kids forget about it...and aren't sneaking candy as much....I wish I could say the same for me:)

Santa has a nice seat amongst my new favorite pillows.  As you can see, I am in a pink and orange stage. 
The red in much of my  traditional Christmas decor, seems to be tempered by these colors. 

We finally adopted the tradition of Elf on the Shelf.  Nothing like a 6 year old with big ol' eyes saying, "why are we the only kids without an elf".  This year elf, next year a cell phone.  YIKES!
I have always wanted a sleigh in the middle of my table.  This year I got it!
The kids are finally old enough for the vintage train around the tree. They LOVE it!  And it wouldn't be the same without the Winston car...totally NOT PC.
And the little pops of Real Southern Cotton.
** funny story at the bottom about that cotton**
More cotton...and clove filled oranges.  Something my mother always did.
And a wreath above the kitchen window...with vintage balls that I found at an estate sale.  Notice I decorated the back table too.  Too cold for me to go out in my robe and take photos.
So there you have it.  Now for the cotton story.

The Mom who "STEALS" cotton.

A couple weeks ago we my kids and I went on a trip to Aiken, SC (my hometown) to go to the Christmas Parade. On our way there are many fields of cotton.  Most of the cotton had already been harvested (which means the stalks aren't as pretty)....but there was this one field.   We were late on the way, so I wasn't able to stop, but I thought I "might" stop and do a drive by picking later in the afternoon.  Christmas parade was great, bla, the day wore on, I couldn't stop thinking about how the cotton would "make" the decor this year.  Just little touches here and there.

Well, I forgot that it starts getting dark around 5:30 these days...and we had just left Grandma's house.  I thought it might be too late, and I would have to say "sais la vie" to the cotton idea, it may be too dark.  But as I rounded the corner, I jerked the car into the cotton field...with my children saying "MOM why are you stopping???"  I said "just grabbing a little bit of cotton".   Let's say there was a field A and a Field B.  In field A there were some bright lights and a bunch of trucks...they were harvesting the cotton!  I was thinking my timing couldn't be more perfect...go to Field B.  If  I had waited another day, the perfect cotton wouldn't be perfect anymore.  My kids were thinking that Mom was going Straight to Jail!!!!!  As I gathered my first armful, the exchange went like this....

the kids yelled out the window, with little high pitched voices "Moooooom, I think you have enough.!"

I said "oh, it's alright, just a bit more".

"No, really  mom, I THINK YOU HAVE ENOUGH!"

I was decorating in my head, and couldn't be bothered...."just one more".

"PALEAAAAASE"!!! They begged.

"Oh,  ok" and I jumped back in the drivers seat and got the heck out of dodge.  Whew!

The kids TOTALLY thought I was going to be picked up by the farmers for stealing their cotton, and I was so consumed by my dreams of decor,I couldn't hear the shear terror in their voices.

I have a feeling that the story "The day Mom stole all the cotton!"  will get bigger and bigger, and that I made one of those memories that they will be talking about around the Thanksgiving table for years to come.

 Unfortunately for them, it probably won't be the last time they see me "borrow" some flowers, cotton, or other greenery from the side of the road.  What a girl won't do for some good decor.!

I knew y 'all would understand:)

Hope everyone is having a great week.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Changing up the Mantel

 I have not fallen off the face of the earth....just haven't had much time to blog lately.   I have actually had a bit to write about, it was just the ACT of writing that I was having a hard time with.


Since it is the Holidays, I thought I would show you all my Mantel.  Yesterday, I picked up some auction finds, and I had gotten a group of 5 pieces of artwork. 

I was more into the frames than the artwork....because they were so gorgeous.  But there was a little surprise in one of them.  The painting (it is actually a reproduction of a Cezanne) was UNDER another print....which is probably more valuable than the reproduction.  2 pieces of artwork for the price of 1!


I really like the original print, and think it would be really sweet in a little girl's room...but the colors of the Cezanne, just so happen to work in my living room right now.  And I was getting REALLY tired of the grouping of mirrors that I had.  It gave me just the nudge and what I needed to get my Holiday Mantel DONE!  Funny how that works.  I need something "new" to get my bottom in gear.  Can't leave well enough alone! Now, I just have to find those silly stockings.

I am off to get ready for the day.  Have a good one.  Tis the Season!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Speaking of Chairs

I have just had some new ones upholstered for the shop! These are great bentwood chairs that I had so much fun re-inventing. They would be amazing at a kitchen table....the white patent upholstery is super easy to wipe up and the backs have a super cool and fun apple green geometric pattern on them.  I have 4 of them.


They are $150 each, or $575 for the set of 4.

I have re-opened the shop for the month of December.

The Collected Home
Tuesday and Thursday
10am – 4pm, or by appointment
2900B Devine Street
Columbia, SC 29205

Happy Weekend!