Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Banquettes on the Brain...BIG TIME!

Katie of my new design crushes.

I have two clients that I am working on Banquette quite reasonably I have had them on my brain.  Pinterest, Houzz, Google.... you know the usual suspects.   I have searched near and far, far and wide and then there is the dreaming.  I've been DREAMING in banquettes.  I think I even dreamt of a banquette that flys!   I could go on and on....the possibilies for storage, size, shape, architectural interest, detail, decor are endless....You know with all of it's might be able to fly!    Anyway, here are some of my inspiration photos from various sources. 

Via Pinterest
via pinterest

via pinterest, pretty curved furniture banquette

Hillgrove Project traditional dining room
Moroccan Lounge eclectic family room
transitional breakfast nook modern kitchen
Oliver Street traditional kitchen
                                    traditional kitchen design
by vancouver interior designer The Sky is the Limit Design

Doesn't necessarily have to be built in
or it could just be a sofa....via Southern Living
multi purpose! Via Decorpad

Have a  great day ya'll!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Blue and Pink Bedroom

So here is the reveal of the little 7 year old girl's bedroom that I finished the other week.  She specifically wanted hot pink and blue.  And that she got.  One of the great things about the Annie Selke Links fabric is that it is juvenile enough, but grown up enough to get her through her teens.  She actually picked the fabric herself and I added the Floral to the mix, and the banding to the drapes and valance. 
Every Girl can use a Flokati Rug in her room!
We had the ottomans recovered and piped in the hot pink with the legs painted a fun blue.  And I recovered the lampshades to bring the floral up a notch and at eye level.

These sconces are perfect for this nook.
 For some reason I have never attempted this project, a mental block I suppose.  But,  I was inspired to cover the lampshade from a new blogger/ designer friends tutorial.  She makes it look super easy...which it is and all lampshades in my path are now at out!  You must check out Whitney Mcgregor from Whim Interiors. Her blog is The Avarice and she has lots of great design tips and inspiration.

Anyway.  Have a great week.  We have started ours out with the stomach bug, and I have my brother's wedding that we leave for on Thursday...keep your fingers crossed the bug stays away.  I knew I should have knocked on wood when I proclaimed we had been so "free of sickness this year"...geash!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

A Ranunculus Bouquet I got from the farmer's market!
Happy Easter Everyone!   Enjoying a wonderful day with my family, I hope yours is wonderful too:)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sneak Peak...Girl's Bedroom

I've been working on a little girls bedroom.  She picked the Annie Selke links fabric.  I am a HUGE fan of Annie Selke and all that she does.  Dash and Albert and Pine Cone Hill.   I had to work in a bit of the floral because it is so super cute and girly.

Will post pics of the final project this week it is coming along quite nicely.

Have a great rest of the week.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flea Market Art...SCORE!

Art through Mock Orange Branches.

The composition is really nice, and the colors are perfect!

This weekend I was out and about doing a couple things for clients.  I dropped by a flea market a bit outside of town and came across this painting.  $5 ya'll!  I KNOW, right?  The vendor was packing up his truck, and he saw me glancing at it, "I'll give it to you for 5 Bucks." I thought about it for a split second, "SOLD!".  He then goes on to say that his daughter painted it when she was in college...I hope she isn't devastated that he sold it...and if she is, he says he sold it for more.

Some art that comes out of college art classes, can be A. Better than you would expect and B. Really inexpensive.   I know it isn't "fine" art, but it really ties the colors of my living room together, and for $5 you couldn't find an 8 X 10 frame, much less a 40"X40" yellow one! 

My ever evolving mantle now has something new on it, which makes me H-A-P-P-Y!

It is spring break here...not going out of town....and LOTS of house projects I want to finish.  Since I am tied to the house, hopefully I will get them done:)