Monday, April 2, 2012

Flea Market Art...SCORE!

Art through Mock Orange Branches.

The composition is really nice, and the colors are perfect!

This weekend I was out and about doing a couple things for clients.  I dropped by a flea market a bit outside of town and came across this painting.  $5 ya'll!  I KNOW, right?  The vendor was packing up his truck, and he saw me glancing at it, "I'll give it to you for 5 Bucks." I thought about it for a split second, "SOLD!".  He then goes on to say that his daughter painted it when she was in college...I hope she isn't devastated that he sold it...and if she is, he says he sold it for more.

Some art that comes out of college art classes, can be A. Better than you would expect and B. Really inexpensive.   I know it isn't "fine" art, but it really ties the colors of my living room together, and for $5 you couldn't find an 8 X 10 frame, much less a 40"X40" yellow one! 

My ever evolving mantle now has something new on it, which makes me H-A-P-P-Y!

It is spring break here...not going out of town....and LOTS of house projects I want to finish.  Since I am tied to the house, hopefully I will get them done:)


Kelli @ Life at 818 said...

GREAT find - love the frame and the colors

Holly said...

$5.00???? oh my goodness - I love it so much. I'd love to find something like that for our home. My husband's sister is an artist and we have a few pieces of hers that she had given to my husband in his bachelor days. I'm hoping to use the one at some point in our home.


5$...uh yeah! It is great and a deal!