Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Banquettes on the Brain...BIG TIME!

Katie of my new design crushes.

I have two clients that I am working on Banquette quite reasonably I have had them on my brain.  Pinterest, Houzz, Google.... you know the usual suspects.   I have searched near and far, far and wide and then there is the dreaming.  I've been DREAMING in banquettes.  I think I even dreamt of a banquette that flys!   I could go on and on....the possibilies for storage, size, shape, architectural interest, detail, decor are endless....You know with all of it's might be able to fly!    Anyway, here are some of my inspiration photos from various sources. 

Via Pinterest
via pinterest

via pinterest, pretty curved furniture banquette

Hillgrove Project traditional dining room
Moroccan Lounge eclectic family room
transitional breakfast nook modern kitchen
Oliver Street traditional kitchen
                                    traditional kitchen design
by vancouver interior designer The Sky is the Limit Design

Doesn't necessarily have to be built in
or it could just be a sofa....via Southern Living
multi purpose! Via Decorpad

Have a  great day ya'll!

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pve design said...

We had a banquette in our old kitchen and many a great meal squeezed in on that banquette.
I love them - why we did not do it on our renovation still has me scratching my head. I guess I wanted chairs....that is another obsession.
Oh and we have the island with stools - trade-offs.