Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm BACK!!!! and Jamie Meares.

Isn't this room  of Jamie's design oh, so beautiful??? Those chandeliers have been favorites of mine FOREVER!
Ok, I know ya'll...I haven't posted in like a month!   I promise I haven't been twittling my thumbs and popping bon-bons:) It has kind of been like when you haven't talked to a friend in a long time, and start putting off the phone call because you worry about you won't have enough to say or you may have too much to say, or she might be mad you didn't call earlier.  Well, absence from the blog has made me a little apprehensive to jump back in...and before I knew it it was 3 weeks later.  It almost feels like I am starting over with my very first post....what do I write about that won't be lame? will anyone read it? What has made me the most inspired over the past weeks?  What have I been DOING the past few weeks?

So I decided to stick with inspiration, and nothing is more inspiring than the Talented Jamie Meares from Furbish Studio in Raleigh.  Her work was recently highlighted in a whole article for LonnyMag. 

I have a funny story to tell about that.  Jamie and I have a mutual vendor in common.  M, the traveling rug man.  (notice the rug in the above photo).  So happy to see it's final resting place...

Anyhoo,  He has beautiful antique persian rugs of all shapes and sizes.  He pops in occasionally to show his gorgeous pieces, I have used a couple in client spaces and was lucky enough to have one in my studio for a bit.

My studio, and one of M's Rugs.  Isn't she pretty:)

One day he told me he was on his way to Raleigh to visit Jamie with Furbish Studio.  I had no idea he worked with her as well.  We were able to speak on the phone one afternoon, when M. connected us.  She just happened to mention that they were preparing for shoot with Lonny that very day.  I felt just  little bit like I got some inside scoop, and really couldn't wait to get the issue.  It did not dissapoint.  Here is little snippit, but you will have to go to Lonny to see the whole article.

Images from her storefront.
One more thing....When I was on my way to DC a couple weeks ago, I decided to take a detour to Raleigh to go see the studio in person.  It was so fun to see all of the pieces I have coveted from afar.  AND I got to splurge on  a couple things for my friend's apartment.

Really..... I suggest if you are up your way I95 it is only a 20 min diversion (plus however long you stay in the store...I was there for 1 hr...and could have totally overstayed my welcome if it weren't for the fact I had a best friend waiting with  glass of vino for me in DC:)  If you can't divert or take a trip...she sells just about EVERYTHING in her online shop.

Unfortunately Jamie wasn't in the Studio that day, so I hope to finally connect in person the next time I am in the hood.  

If you want a great design inspiration she has a fantastic Blog I Suwannee.

Ok, whew, got through my "I'm back post".  Are you inspired?   I know I am.


pve design said...

I have to say, I did not mind one bit hanging out on those great banquettes you posted on April 25th and I think breaks are good although I can't seem to take one as I am devoted to blogging since I work pretty much from keeps me feeling in the loop de loop.
I love you and Isuwanee.

busanalayali said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

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Christie McGregor said...

I LOVE the splurges that you got for my apartment! When are you coming back up here? I miss you. :)

I'm glad the blog is back.