Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I might be painting something green....

Trying to decide what color.  Again Practicing what I preach!  I love paint samples!

So I have let my house fall on the back burner over in the past few months, with getting my business off the ground and everything else.  My poor house (and family) have suffered, you know "the cobbler's children, don't have shoes syndrome!"  Well this past weekend I sought to make a change....a GREEN change.

In case you are wondering, the paint swatches above, were the beginning of my little project.....I have gotten a little tired of this pic floating around Pinterest....it just looks unfinished, and dare I say a little boring.

I was inspired by

 I will keep you posted, I promise it is good.


pve design said...

You know I love anything green!
Reveal your green goddess self when you are ready~

Holly said...

Go green go green! Green is my favorite color - so I love everything about it. I've been neglecting our home too but getting back on track.

matildaroseinteriors.blogspot said...

I can't wait to see what your little project is! I love it when anyone does something bold with colour - Alisha


Can't wait...I am loving all this green that is turning up everywhere!