Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Eddie Ross's House all decked out for Memorial Day.
Aren't his new digs amazing?

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!  Today is a day to thank those that have given their lives so that we can enjoy our freedoms....and we have a lot of them!  

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  From the bottom of my heart!

I have been living vicariously on twitter through non other than, Mr. Eddie Ross this weekend while he prepares for his Memorial Day Celebration....this is just the quintessential  kind of celebration that I have in my minds eye...but just haven't had the time to pull together (and I don't have the old Victorian house either!)....thank goodness for Eddie and Jaithan!

  Here are a couple snippets that they have shared.

I would have to use my fingers for fear of messing up this wonderfully wrapped silver arrangement.
We have something in common...
I love using cuttings from the garden...and hostas are one of my favorites.

If these are the snippets, than I can't wait to see the rest.  I am sure he will share...because it is just too good not too!  Even though it has touches of a good old fashioned celebration, I am sure he and Jaithan are finding ways to Jazz it up and make it modern....seriously, those guys are awesome!

Have a good one....we are going to take it easy and just enjoy the day....because, well, we  have the freedom to do whatever we want!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here it is and a little tribute:)

I can't resist. Also, I want to share a couple of things....first of all, I want to clarify that we did NOT do this all by ourselves.  I designed all of it myself, but much of the heavy lifting and hard part was done by skilled contractors and craftsmen.  I have a friend that is a contractor,  that consulted on the hard parts, and with questions that I had, but I pulled permits, was there every day, and I made sure the project went along as planned and on budget.  (thus the hardhat comment)

Also, I don't know weather you all noticed in the kitchen AFTER shot, that lying on the floor in the pantry is my dog Hampton. 

Well, Hampton is no longer with us.  During the week that The Nate Show producers called me, my first child, my dog of 12 years had to be put down.  It was the craziest week, because I was so happy that Nate had called, but soooooo sad that my sweet (actually he was a pain in the neck, but we loved him) dog was no longer around.   Long story short, when the showed the photo of my kitchen, I paused, because I remember taking that photo, and talking to my boy...and got a little teary.  Nate asked me "are you ok?", what is it your dog" and I said "he (my dog) just passed away. Nate was sooo apologetic, the studio audience had a moment....and all I could say was "it's ok", it's ok, it's ok."  which translated into the 10 thankyous that I said at the end....and why my energy faultered a bit. 

My boy Hamp always protecting me, was looking down on me that day (literally). I miss him terribly, even though he drove me crazy, he always wanted to be the center of in a way, he got it.  Love you old boy:)

Today is the Day!

Me and Nate...the only photo (besides being on camera) that I have with him:(
Tune into your local stations for The Nate Show today!  In case you are new to the blog and haven't heard about it, I am doing the segment called "House Proud".

Thanks to a really good blogger friend of mine, Rene, from Cottage and Vine for the shout out today...and a HUGE thank you, because if it weren't for her blog and support of me, this wouldn't have happened. (the producers linked from her blog to mine and that is how they found me!  The beauty of the ol' blogoshere. 

So you must check her out!

Have a great day everyone, if only I could get this nervous buzzy feeling to go away...I am more nervous than when I was on the show!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Anticipation...An ti ci pay ay shun!

I have been singing this song all day today!  The anticipation is killing me!

click here to see the video (for some reason I can't embed)

Here is a little Snippet from a local TV station (WACH FOX) about the upcoming appearance on The Nate Show. Thank you Janet Parker for putting together such a nice piece.  It showed at 6pm 10pm and 8:30 this morning...guess that is what happens on a slow news day!

Also I had a really nice interview with a local blogger, from the Camille Maurice Blog.  She actually went up to NYC to see Nate at the Valspar event a couple weeks ago. (we missed each other by a couple days!)   She has lots of great inspiration on her blog, and she puts lots of thought and effort into every post.  VERY well written.

  And I promise tomorrow is the last you will hear about Nate for a while...

I have lots of finished projects I want you to see!

Happy Hump (humbled) Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun with chairs.

I drew this from the porportions are a little off.

So this is the week....I can't even believe it.  Been having dreams about being on The Nate know the ones, where you end up on a stage in front of a live studio audience in your birthday suit!  Even though I have already taped, (I was fully clothed, BTW!)  it is the anticipation of WHAT will be shown.  I will have to wait 3 more days. (3 more nights to dream crazy dreams!).

In the meantime, I am putting my energy into picking out fabrics for some vintage chairs to go into the space at Worth Repeating in West Columbia, and for a client.  I like to send my chairs out with little cards with swatches attached for my upholsterer, would not want him to get confused.  Plus, it is really fun for me to draw and use my pencils.  Ya'll know I am a fan of contrasting fabrics and color, so I wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed. 

This chair is vintage version of these....

from a certain girl named Lauren from a blog called Pure Style Home, I don't know you MAY have heard of her:)  Funny how she posted about the color scheme I had in mind.

we must be on the same least I like to think so:)

It is going to be upholstered in contrasting velvets, with a really fun graphic pattern on the back.  Just because it is the same chair doesn't mean it can't look different from the back!

gonna look awesome when done...the arms are so curved and pretty...AND there is a down cushion!

I will be sure to post after photos when they are done.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Official Announcement!!!!! Pinch me please!

I know, I know, a bit cheesy...but oh well....can you blame me??)

Yes, everyone I can now shout it from the Rooftops!  It is OFFICIAL, I was asked about 3 weeks ago to tape a segment called House Proud on the Nate Show.  Flew up to NYC was treated like a Rock Start...and I can now say that  I did not NOT end up on the cutting room floor and have an air date of MAY 26!

It should all make sense now!  My weirdness, my mad crazy dash to get everything done....I mean when Nate comes a knockin....this girl gets to rockin (on projects, cleaning, and everything else!!)

So set those DVRs....1 week from today. 

Who would have thought that a year ago today I started this little ol' blog....just to put my ideas to paper(computer) and then this.....I mean C.R.A.Z.Y....seriously.....somebody please pinch me.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Queen Bee Chair

You can have her for $529! 

Those of you that read the blog know that I am into revamping old things. When I saw this chair I knew it would be a gem all fixed up.  I mean it is REALLY heavy, and has those good bones I love to talk about. 

Since I can't keep all of the chairs that I save.....It is now in The Collected Home, ready for a new home.  I actually kept this one all wrapped up in the plastic until I moved it into the space, for fear I would want to keep it for myself!

Isn't the green honeycomb fabric super chic?  I am kind of in love with this fabric.

And ya'll I have some exciting news that I am just going to have to sit on for a couple more days...but I am bursting!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Now offering...


If you notice I have added a couple of new links across the header.  Including a services button. With all that has been going on,  I thought I should probably just fling open the doors full force....I have a couple of projects under my belt, a little design space, and a bit more confidence....and I want to help others have the confidence to design their spaces too.

Sooooo, if anyone is looking to update their spaces, move some furniture around, get some color advice, OR chat about a design dilemma over coffee....I am your girl!  I kind of LOVE all of it.

Oh, and if you have a piece of furniture that needs re-purposing, or want to FIND  a piece of furniture I bet I could help you with that too....I know some people:)

Have a great week!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Collected Home is Open for Business!!!

Pink Fliptop Table $275

Bundles of old books from $15

Filling up the bookcase

Antique Ferns and Egg Prints $25 each

The Collected Home via Gretchen Opgenorth Designs.... is now open for Business!   My friend Sandy has helped me immensely in getting this off the ground....and she has some of her wonderful finds in the space as really makes it "Collected".  2 styles really can mix AND look good!

Stop by this weekend if you are in the area.

Worth Repeating
615 West Columbia, South Carolina

They have recently changed ownership and the new owner Chris Livingston has lots in store for the space.  

Have a wonderful weekend....I will be zhushing up the new space....more fun stuff to add.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

This is my spot in the morning.

My sofa on the porch.
This is where I have been enjoying my morning cup of jo lately....curled up on the outdoor sofa, with the doors flung open.  These spring mornings are so nice. 

Notice the new and navy.  One of my favorite color combos.  AND we finally got our ferns.  A necessity for any southern porch:)  This weekend will be spent in the backyard, planting all of the flowers I have been meaning to get to...oh and weeding...yuck:(

It is already the middle of May and I haven't' done the first bit of planting....very unlike me!  The only good thing is that my manicure has lasted much longer, HA! 

Is it Thursday already?  Is it just me, or is time flying by????

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My New Sofa!

This is what she looked like before...a little sad.
I finally got around to having my sofa upholstered. YAY!!! I found a great textural fabric that mimics the lattice on my chairs

Did you notice I had the upholsterer make the seat 1 cushion instead of 2, and he added a couple inches to it.  It really makes it feel a little more substantial, it is definitely more comfortable, and it looks really nice to boot!  Just because there were 2 cushions before, does not mean that you have to have 2 cushions.  You can have the upholster do whatever  YOU want! 


Another little tip, is that I had the back upholstered in a nice cream burlap, it was only $2 a yard, with my Joann's 40% off coupon ....compared to the $30 per yard fabric on the front, I saved a bit on the yardage that isn't really going to be seen....and it gives it a little bit of character too.  I am a huge fan of mixing fabrics on upholstery, adds character and is a good way to save.

Oh, and those pink and coral pillows.....those are going to be in my booth starting next week....along with a few other designs. The price will be $38.50 per pillow cover, $42.50 with the insert.  They are nice, self corded, with envelope backs.

Have a great day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Look Familiar?

I was there!  Just last week.  I can't divulge the details just yet....but I am bursting at the seams!  Hopefully I can tell you all soon.

One of the things I do, that is kind of I bring a toy of each of the kids, and take pictures around the city.  Here are a couple of them.  It makes them feel like they went along with me.  The plan is to put them in a book some day!

at fao schwartz

This was the last fateful photo of Puppy Petshop....
because Mommy was knealing in a puddle, which may or may not have been mixed with horse pee....ewwwwwww!!!!!  and jumped up squeeled, danced around, squeeled NEW jeans!!!! and in her haste set the poor toy down....The story to the child is that Puppy was having so much fun in Central Park, that she decided to stay, and Eloise is going to send her back when she is ready to return (as soon as she runs to the store!!!!!) 

I have so much going on.....lots of posts to share.  I just have a TON of unfinished business that must be done.  Will be back tomorrow though with another clue.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things, they are a changing....

Anyone notice the sofa upholstery?  It mimics the caning on the chairs. 
  Had it re-covered by my AWESOME upholsterer (anyone need upholstery, give me a call). 
Those fun pillows might make their way to the booth...kind of growing on me:)

The curtains are hung in the office with care:)

isn't this a fun table....great for a desk in a child's room.  And the top is white, so you can have the pink or not!
(and I thought of this before my friend Eddie Ross got to it first for the May Southern Living..
must be on the same wavelength!)
Having fun with the bottoms of tables.   It is no fun painting it ALL white!
Aren't these fun fabrics?  Pillows, upholstry, etc.  All to be put in the booth.  EXCITING!
Kind of obsessed with the at the upholsterers as we speak.

Here is a little snippet of whats been going on lately, things for the booth, things for the house.  I have had a TON of help with the booth, a good friend of mine, Sandy, has done the painting, b/c ya'll she is AMAZING with paint.  (as she said, she doesn't quite trust me with the paint brush on furniture...I think I have grown, but I have to admit she IS better, and fast...and I am SLOW:)  So I pick the colors, she paints....we work well together  Good, Huh? Most everything that goes on the booth will be ready to go into your home.  I am showing how vintage furniture and look updated and fun....with fun pillows and funky accessories.  And there is soooo much more that needs to be re-done.

Lots going on and will be away on a secret mission for a little stuff!  Will keep everyone informed once it all comes to fruition.

Stay tuned my dear friends!