Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun with chairs.

I drew this from the porportions are a little off.

So this is the week....I can't even believe it.  Been having dreams about being on The Nate know the ones, where you end up on a stage in front of a live studio audience in your birthday suit!  Even though I have already taped, (I was fully clothed, BTW!)  it is the anticipation of WHAT will be shown.  I will have to wait 3 more days. (3 more nights to dream crazy dreams!).

In the meantime, I am putting my energy into picking out fabrics for some vintage chairs to go into the space at Worth Repeating in West Columbia, and for a client.  I like to send my chairs out with little cards with swatches attached for my upholsterer, would not want him to get confused.  Plus, it is really fun for me to draw and use my pencils.  Ya'll know I am a fan of contrasting fabrics and color, so I wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed. 

This chair is vintage version of these....

from a certain girl named Lauren from a blog called Pure Style Home, I don't know you MAY have heard of her:)  Funny how she posted about the color scheme I had in mind.

we must be on the same least I like to think so:)

It is going to be upholstered in contrasting velvets, with a really fun graphic pattern on the back.  Just because it is the same chair doesn't mean it can't look different from the back!

gonna look awesome when done...the arms are so curved and pretty...AND there is a down cushion!

I will be sure to post after photos when they are done.

Have a great Monday everyone!


Lauren said...

ooooh love the chairs Gretchen!!! THey're going to be gorgeous!! :)

thanks so much for the sweet mention!!

A Perfect Gray said...

can't wait til the show! donna

LiveLikeYou said...

Can't wait to see. Sure it will be smashing! Can't wait to see you on Nate! Please put it on your blog!!
Sure you were fantastic.

Design Blooms said...

You can sew too?! jealous! Can't wait to see it!