Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My New Sofa!

This is what she looked like before...a little sad.
I finally got around to having my sofa upholstered. YAY!!! I found a great textural fabric that mimics the lattice on my chairs

Did you notice I had the upholsterer make the seat 1 cushion instead of 2, and he added a couple inches to it.  It really makes it feel a little more substantial, it is definitely more comfortable, and it looks really nice to boot!  Just because there were 2 cushions before, does not mean that you have to have 2 cushions.  You can have the upholster do whatever  YOU want! 


Another little tip, is that I had the back upholstered in a nice cream burlap, it was only $2 a yard, with my Joann's 40% off coupon ....compared to the $30 per yard fabric on the front, I saved a bit on the yardage that isn't really going to be seen....and it gives it a little bit of character too.  I am a huge fan of mixing fabrics on upholstery, adds character and is a good way to save.

Oh, and those pink and coral pillows.....those are going to be in my booth starting next week....along with a few other designs. The price will be $38.50 per pillow cover, $42.50 with the insert.  They are nice, self corded, with envelope backs.

Have a great day!


pve design said...

looks like a cozy comfy couch! love what YOU did!

Design Blooms said...

Lovely!! I really like the one cushion look. I will be in Columbia this weekend..would love to stop by and see your booth..where is it?!


Beautiful! Love the cheat with the burlap...I do that all the time...especially if it won't show OR if it will :)
Making the one cushion really updated it also.

Amy R. said...

Looks fantastic Gretchen. Great tip, using the less expensive fabric on the sides and back. It is amazing what an upholsterer can do.

Cathy Wall said...

Fantastic...the fabric including the burlap on the back and the single cushion, beautiful details! The pillows are fun too, hope you sell lots in your booth!

CarolinaBlonde said...

Love the smart idea of the burlap on the back. Like it.

Gerry said...

Now, that is one lovely sofa, Gretchen! Far better than its old look! I believe, the sofa set is the focal point of the living room, and it’s style should be very well thought of because it’s the first thing your guests would notice.

Gerry Bossier