Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things, they are a changing....

Anyone notice the sofa upholstery?  It mimics the caning on the chairs. 
  Had it re-covered by my AWESOME upholsterer (anyone need upholstery, give me a call). 
Those fun pillows might make their way to the booth...kind of growing on me:)

The curtains are hung in the office with care:)

isn't this a fun table....great for a desk in a child's room.  And the top is white, so you can have the pink or not!
(and I thought of this before my friend Eddie Ross got to it first for the May Southern Living..
must be on the same wavelength!)
Having fun with the bottoms of tables.   It is no fun painting it ALL white!
Aren't these fun fabrics?  Pillows, upholstry, etc.  All to be put in the booth.  EXCITING!
Kind of obsessed with the green...off at the upholsterers as we speak.

Here is a little snippet of whats been going on lately, things for the booth, things for the house.  I have had a TON of help with the booth, a good friend of mine, Sandy, has done the painting, b/c ya'll she is AMAZING with paint.  (as she said, she doesn't quite trust me with the paint brush on furniture...I think I have grown, but I have to admit she IS better, and fast...and I am SLOW:)  So I pick the colors, she paints....we work well together  Good, Huh? Most everything that goes on the booth will be ready to go into your home.  I am showing how vintage furniture and look updated and fun....with fun pillows and funky accessories.  And there is soooo much more that needs to be re-done.

Lots going on and will be away on a secret mission for a little bit....fun stuff!  Will keep everyone informed once it all comes to fruition.

Stay tuned my dear friends!


pve design said...

Snippets are treats from you!
I cannot wait til you divulge your little secret mission.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I totally agree everyone needs a great upholsterer. Just updated my blog roll and added you.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

LiveLikeYou said...

Love all your items, Wishing you lots of luck tomorrow!!!

Julie said...

looks gorgeous!! secret mission? do tell!


I want to come to your booth!!!! I love that all these bloggers are doing booths now...it seems like they have been stale for years but now all these wonderful people with incredible taste are jumping in :)