Monday, September 26, 2011

The Guest Room Studio Reveal

Me drinking a glass of Vino in my  favorite spot!
Like I said last week, I have been out, but I have just been really busy.  Lots of projects, work, etc...and my family.  As Balance is integral in great design, graphic or interior....BALANCE is one of the things that makes a family I am working on all 3, family being at the top of the triangle.  I would say I am getting close, but not quite there.  So, if posts are spotty sometimes, you know I am working on the "B" word!


This week, is going to be all about my guest room/studio.

I'm not a girl that likes to go by the rules (if there are any) of reveals...and I am so excited about this one, that I just can't help myself.   Instead of having a reveal AFTER I show all of the projects in progress, I am going to go ahead and show the WHOLE reveal.  THEN  I'll show you what I did with all of the projects.  I tried to take pictures as I was doing everything, but sometimes I was so frenzied I forgot...please forgive me.

This project started, as many of my personal projects do, "Hmmmm, what am I going to do today....I guess I will get started on the studio."  And then the Snowball started rolling down the mountain!  I decided to challenge myself to get it done in a week.  I am proud to say, it is done. Whew!

As a small reminder, here are the before pics.  I am not proud of this, by any means.  The room had become a dumping ground, the closed door, the "don't you DARE look in that room!" get the picture.  I do admit the photos were taken as I started to unload the room, so it was much worse than usual....but makes for Fantastic Before and Afters!

Trying the bed as a daybed....bad Idea!
I really wanted the chaise to work, but it won't.   For another project or client.  super cute though.

Who could possibly create in this!

I started by taking my own advice....CLEAR THE  the floor plan and your existing furniture. And go from there.  Just because you really want that big armoire and chaise (recovered of course) to work in the space (ie. Moi) doesn't mean it is going to!!!!!....find another home for this case the armoire is filling a perfect space in my daughters room....and move on.  The room will be better because of it.

So I re-positioned the bed, and split the room down the middle lengthwise.  The guest room area, and the office area.  It is not a big room by any means...12X13.  With off-center windows and closets.  Challenging, but not the end of the world.


Had to use my favorite IS my room afterall!

Filled with all of the things I love!

Now I MUST get to work!
Luckily, my "Queen Bee" chair never sold.  I really wanted it for myself.  I am selfish like that!
A nice reading nook.  And place for my guest's to relax and retreat!

There you have it, ya'll. 

I really used mostly things that I had and that I love.  (my philosophy on design in general ) Now I have NO more excuses as to why I can't get it all done or have people stay!  I have a serene, creative space to get to work on all of those client projects that are trickling in!  AND a space to take in all of my guests! 

It works so well, I had a little Wine get togeather Thursday night when I finished.  2 of my close friends, me and my husband....and we all had a comfortable place to sit!  Who knew????:)  

I will go through the details this week.


Rene said...

Nice job! I look forward to seeing the details. Need those green & white pillows badly. Love, love that lamp!

Holly said...

This is such a sweet space and such a reflection of you - I'm anxious for a breakdown of the details. Love that chair that you held onto!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

What a really great makeover. Every elements is so timeless.

This is GOOD stuff!

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Well Well...isn't that just darn pretty. Let's see...what do I love first! The color of the walls with the green of the pillows and bedskirt! That chair...that lamp....the coffee table. Your hard work really paid off!!! I love it.