Thursday, September 29, 2011

If I have said it before.....

As you can see, I have already thrown another pillow around.  It's called Musical Pillows in my house!
I've said it 10000 times...lack of money doesn't have to mean lack of style. P.E.R.I.O.D  In this case, I speak of drapes/curtains.

If I could afford, professionally sewn, european linen drapes, I would, but I can't, sooooooo...... true to form, not to be deterred by lack of funds for drapes (priorities people!).....I reworked some IKEA RITVA curtains. 

Not the look I was going for...
and just because they come with tie backs doesn't mean you have to use them!

Who says out of the box curtains have to look like they are out of the box?   Did you know how EASY making pinch pleats are and what an IMPACT they make in a room.   I hear you already.... "I don't have a sewing machine", or "I can't sew!" excuses these are EASY, PEASY!  These can be made with a needle and thread, although a sewing machine does make it easier:):)

Now you don't have to use IKEA, but any curtains that have the hidden rod pockets in the header will work. 

It gives the illusion of drapery tape, and the heft needed to make the pleats stay.  Plus, if you are a lazy sewer, like I am....they are already measured out, all you have to do is pinch and sew.

Here are the steps.

Find the rod pocket part of the draper

See they are spaced evenly apart.

Pinch like this.

Continue with all of the rod pockets until finished.
 Use some of these little suckers....drapery hooks from Joanns or  Lowes or local drapery place.

Et, Voila!

Look so much better....and have such a a better drape.
Now, you can trim out to your heart's content.  Using things like

Greek Key trim,

or grograin ribbon,

or even a ruffle if you are feeling daring.

Or if you are feeling really daring....cut the bottoms and add some contrasting fabric to the would only need a couple yards.

Seriously, just because it comes one way in the box doesn't mean it has to stay that way.

These were cafe curtains out of the box at target....with vintage trim and leftover red fabric

I added a red fabric and trim to the bottoms of these to make them different.

Sew there you have it....out of the box curtains turned to nice drapes...all for $50, $100 less than an inexpensive drapery panel.

Happy Thursday.


Katy said...

I love this! I was thinking about getting these curtains because they do have a nice texture and look but the pinch pleat is so much prettier. I'll be giving this a try in our bedroom!

Holly said...

Inspired! thank you!! Where do you like to get your trim from? I've been eyeing up a few but don't know where the best place to get it is.

pretty pink tulips said...

Great rework, Gretchen!!! I wish I had your creativeness. I know what I like but I'm not always good at getting there on my own.

Happy Weekend!
xo Elizabeth


Do you not love Ikea curtains!!!! They are so cheap and easy! Love that you pinched them!!!