Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Offices on the Brain

I adore Lonny Magazine's Office space.  And those yellow lamps...well...
Why, you might ask are offices on your brain?  Didn't you just finish your Guest Room/Office?  Well, I am not at liberty to say RIGHT now, but I am sure I can tell you later this week.   Until then, let me show you some things I have pinned lately.  You might see a common theme...and it might start with the letter W and end with E.

Ivy and Piper offices.  Color always pops off white. Lavender sofa?
I have a thing for Bentwood chairs.
Taken from Annchovie Blog....that is not MY print but hers!
I've always wanted white floors and a HUGE inspiration wall!  And love the desk on a table.
Hmmm....more bentwood and white floors...and OH, the storage.
HUGE window!
black and white with pops of color!
looks like they all started with a white base!
I loved colored ghost chairs too!

floating desk, in front of a sideboard...
a lofty space...maybe someday....nice bentwood.
is that an acrylic box with glass set on top....GENIUS!

So there you have a little white, a little color, and a few things thrown in between office inspiration!  I am inspired!   Ready for my super busy day!

Happy Tuesday.

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Holly said...

Oooh...I'm intrigued and so excited about your upcoming news. I've always loved the Lonny office too. I'm dreaming of a lovely office - hopefully in our next home we'll have a room or area dedicated to an office.