Thursday, September 23, 2010

Home, Home and the RANGE....

Where you sear and sizzle all day,
Where seldom is heard is a burning dessert,
And the pie is eaten all day.
(he, he couldn't resist)
via House Beautiful....La Cornue Range. 
Can I achieve a similar look with out the pricetag...

via la dolce vita
via Veranda

So here we are on Thursday, the day before the reveal. And I have to tell the story of THE stove RANGE.

I didn't know walking into this that a Range could cause so much angst, drama, hours on the phone, but sometimes you must do what you have to do for design....

Now most people when renovating go to their nearest appliance store and pick out what they want...walk in and say we want xyz package.  The low, mid, or high-end or a mixture of the two.  Maybe a Wolf or a Viking...We started out like that , but I decided I didn't want just ANY Range....I want something different....something not seen every day.  Scott rolled his eyes, said you have this much, make it work.  So, I chose to mix it up just a tad to save a little bit for MY RANGE!  Scott wanted GE (because there is a parts store around the corner, and he is a self-professed fixit kind of guy...)  So that part was easy.  Stainless GE Cafe for Fridge, Microwave, and Dishwasher.....BUT not too crazy about the stoves...NATCH!

The internet here i come.  Now if money were no object, with the above photos as my inspiration La Cornue it would be...BUT head out of clouds, reality has set in.

So I started here...
The Five Star Range, but once I saw it in person the oven was sooo tiny. 
Did you know that when you go to a 36" stove that many of the oven's actually get smaller, this is the case with the Wolf, Viking and Five Star....Just an interesting fact.

But this led me down a path to a black Range with Stainless or Chrome finishes.  That way there wouldn't be so much stainless in the kitchen.

I went to another higher end appliance store in town and found this....AHHHHHHHH, and the angels started to sing.  This is EXACTLY what I wanted.  The Bertazzoni Heritage Edition....Ohhhh, the price tag is NOT what I wanted.  Moving on.

And led me to AJ Madison which is a great site to source appliances. Where I found this.  The Fratelli Onofri Royal Chantishire....Now if that name doesn't make you want the stove I don't know what will.  But I needed to see it in person before I could make the purchase.

So I marched myself up to Hendersonville, NC and found a dealer.  There it was, in all of its prettiness with plinth legs.  I had found my Range, got the look without the huge price tag, and the oven wasn't too small.  So I ordered it from AJ Madison in February...they said it will be here in a month...perfect!


Soooooo, February came and went, so did March, and we were moving in April...Still NO stove.

I called and it wasn't going to be here until the end of May...WHAT!  I said REALLY, is there anything else that is comparable???  Wouldn't you know they said my Bertazzoni was comparable and they would give me a discount for the don't have to ask me twice...SOLD.  

If I can get a discount on the stove I WANTED to begin with.  SOOOOOO that is how I got the Range I really a discount price...and it fit better than the one I had origianlly ordered....small little renovation miracles, the Range Gods were looking over us.  AND if I had gotten the Fratelli, I would have had a big gap around the stove and that WOULD NOT have been good.

(this was the shortend version, there was a bit more of knashing of teeth and trips to appliance stores to figure this all out...but I won't bore you with those details)

The stove was delivered/landed 1 week after we moved in, it came on a Penske truck. 

And to this day, Little B says "Hey Mom there is the Stove Truck!"  He thinks all Penske trucks deliver stoves.  The mind of a 3 year old.

Have a great day...I am froofing a bit for the final reveal.


The Buzz said...

The Range Gods were indeed smiling upon you! The Carpet Gods made me wait 8 months for a custom Stark rug and sadly, no discount was involved. You lucky gal!

Rene said...

This is exciting! I'm looking forward to the reveal and by the way, I thought all yellow trucks were carrying stoves too :)

pretty pink tulips said...

Love the Range story. I had my heart set for a Blue that is what Michael Smith had in his. But, in the end, I settled on a Viking.

xo Elizabeth

pve design said...

Wow. I have never even met you and I like you and your oven already. Hot Hot Hot!
Looking forward to the ribbon cutting ceremony.