Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back in the Saddle

via House Beautiful
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via Photographer James Merrell
I can see living in this bedroom, many horse dreams in that bed.

via Velvet and Strawberries
Aren't these colors just beautiful???
via This is Glamorous
My Daughter has the SAME Horse bedding.(on the pillows) 
I think she might dream of this scenario, a bucket load of ribbons.  she is my horse crazy little girl!
via Heather Bullard

Literally....I had my first Horse Back riding lesson in 15 years yesterday.  It may have been in the glorious rain, but it was wonderful just the same.  I was a bit rusty, but my muscles remembered what to do, crazy that muscle memory... It brought back memories of horse shows and ribbons, too! I have no idea where my ribbons are, but if I can find them I might have to create a display. 

Old ribbons can be found at antique stores, they have a beautiful patina and the colors aren't just blue, red, and yellow, they had pink and green and white and orange...just beautiful!   It just makes you think about the recipient of those ribbons....how proud they must have been when they recieved it.  I displayed mine proudly.  Looking back, it wasn't in the most beautiful of ways (although, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I thought they were wonderful!)

Do you have ribbons or trophies that you would like to display?  I must say that I am more of a fan of ribbons than the FAB trophies that my children have started to recieve....ugh!  But they are proud of them, and they deserve a display as much as my coveted ribbons.  Sigh:)

Have a great Tuesday!


Karena said...

Gretchen, great images!! I am not a collector, except of art of course!!

I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

Art by Karena

Rene said...

I do love horse ribbons and only wish that swimming ribbons were half as pretty because we have a ton of those. Lovely images.

pve design said...

My daughter has swim ribbons, lots of them and some look like this....all fancy! I have to introduce you to a friend who has amazing photo -equestrian collages.

quintessence said...

Have always loved horse show ribbons - they are so decorative! Live pve's daughter and perhaps rene's, I myself was a swimmer (a serious one). And when I cleaned out my mother's house found tons of old trophies (like 50!). Contemplated keeping some but they were not beautiful like the old silver trophy cups that some people collect, so out they went.

mydesignchic said...

What a fun post!! Love the punch of color the ribbons give to the white bedroom -

Oatesmeal said...

What is the name of the horse bedding? Thanks!