Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mum is the word

 hrysanthemum that is...it the quintessential flower of this time of year, one that will last thru the fall and to Christmas, and if you are lucky will come back year, after year.  It got me to thinking about all of the chrysanthemum decor and style ideas, because it IS a pretty flower and makes a very graphic impression.  Enjoy.

Notecard design I did a while ago for a friend.

via etsy Kristie Cummings I love this laser cut card

via etsy from Prairie Garden

via etsy and Bubba and Doodle  Fun wall decals.
Fabric By Graham and Brown

Rug from West Elm
Have a great day after Labor Day, I hope you all aren't Laboring too hard:)


Delishhh said...

This weekend i just took away some crazy pink wallpaper from our powder room in our new house and now i am painting them white. But you just gave me some great ideas of what i can do next. Great blog.

The Zhush said...

Those wall decals are amazing!