Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marble Madness

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 I have loved Marble before Marble was "in", so there was never a question in my mind (well there was the soapstone moment) as to what kind of countertop we would install.

There has been much debate on the subject as to whether Marble is a good surface for the kitchen.    My thought is that "if it has lasted for hundreds of years in many kitchens, that it will last 20 years (hopefully) more for us..  There is a great thread on apartment therapy on the subject and good ol has had MUCH debate, if you are so inclined.
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  Here is wonderful quote about marble from a marble fabricator in atlanta.

 "Here's what marble will do in your kitchen-it will ring, it will stain, but it will be beautiful. Most of my clientele has traveled the world and they see patinaed marble, they see that there is nothing more real than that. I love working with marble and if a client wants it, I'll do it. But I'll also tell them that they are not going to call me every week to clean up an orange ring or a glass ring. If the homeowner is not going to appreciate what marble does and how it looks as it ages, I won't do it in their kitchen." John Howard, a salesperson in the G&L Marble Atlanta showroom.

Now, I am not going to say that the actual picking of the TYPE of marble was easy.  Being the researcher that I am, I delved in full force on my quest for the perfect marble.  I always thought that I would want Cararra, (a beautiful white with grey veining), and Calcutta was beautiful but a bit too expensive.  I came across a beautiful type of called Alabama White and perfect price too.  It had the beauty of the Cararra with just a little bit of caramel veining that I loved from the Calcutta.   Now all I needed to do was see a slab in person.  So this girl found a slab in Elberton, GA...and treked herself 3 hours to see her slab.  Did you know that Elberton, GA is  the Granite Captial of the World?  I didn't, but do now.  It was beautiful, and I said MINE!  Now off to my fabricator it went to be honed and cut. I had a hard time finding out much about Alabama White, here is a nice little article I found during my search.  And if Jill Brinson used it in her kitchen, well....

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Jill Brinson Kitchen
(Alabama White)

my slab

I must say I am really happy with the decision to go with Marble.  I have my ring stains, and etch marks. but it means my kitchen is being USED!  And there is not ONE stain.  I have left coffee sitting there for a day, with not a problem.  We sealed it well, and I will continue to do so.  Here is a great link on the care and maintenance of marble. (you CAN get the etching there!)

The first stove to the right had not come in yet...
note, good idea to have stove BEFORE stone is fabricated, we had to do a switcharoo on the stove
(blessing in disguise really, but the original stove would have left a 1/2 gap, YUCK!) Lesson learned.

If Marble is the way you want to go, I say GO FOR IT!  Don't let the naysayers talk you out of it.  You will have fabricators say "you want WHAT in your kitchen??, You know it is going to stain, chip, scratch, etc...."!!!  I just said
"yes, I know...THANKS, please get me my MARBLE!


The Zhush said...

My kitchen is also white Marble..Calcutta, with white subway tiles! I am so partial to this in a kitchen its insane! I am with you on the scratches and stains as well! Its a kitchen, not a showroom! LOVE IT!

The Buzz said...

I say yes to marble and pair it with subway tiles - divine!

Rene said...

I love marble and had no idea that it would easily stain. My pick for surfaces is always to go with something natural stain or no stain. Your counters are beautiful.

pve design said...

We are about to begin a huge renovation and I love marble but we are going for white glassos....I will let you know -love your slab~

Gretchen O. said...

Glassos will be beautiful...I didn't really know about it until AFTER we did, fun, fun! I bet you are excited! --Gretchen O.

Things That Inspire said...

Doing some research on Alabama White, and came across your blog! I have heard about the stone yard you went to - may end up going there if I can't find anything in the Atlanta Metro area! Great post, and very helpful to know that Jill Sharp's kitchen is Alabama White. Someone else told me that Bobby McAlpine favors this marble too!


After having white corian for 7 years, I put in granite about 10 years ago. Now I want to change again but I am not sure I can get that by my husband! Your counters are great. It pays to research and find what you want.

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