Monday, September 6, 2010

we are "supposed" to say goodbye to white,

but I say oh, no.   J'adore Blanche

A white Sweater
A white Coat

Can I talk my husband into this...I think not, but vERY New York, I might be able to talk him into the white jeans from the 80s though (we finally got rid of those a couple years ago from the back of the closet, a sad day for him:):)  This is ONE white that can STAY in the back of the closet!!!!

And my white (creamy white) House with the green door...

This is actually THE house, right when we moved in...we stil have shutters to put on and grass to grow, but I got my WHITE house!!!!

Whitespiration for the decor of the WHITE in my inspiration files.

my PRETEND white Living Room with WHITE furniture....

and WHITE Hallway

and ALL WHITE kitchen (actually I already have this...check:)

top 3 pics via House Beautiful

In my ALL WHTE, with punches of green Bedroom (the walls are painted it is just waiting for "the redesign", I can see something like this.....NICE...

via velvet and linen

And MY all WHITE bathroom
via the lenoxx
and my ALL white Garden
via Country Living
You get the idea...WHite is hear to say even after Labor Day!!!!
(PS, I do like color too!)


(just to be clear, sometimes I don't proof read and it may have come across at first that these were photos of MY house...I WISH!  They were attributed in the first version, but I think it got lost in translation!)



Liz, Viive and Benji said...

Beautiful job on the house. I love the sunken garden!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I'm with you on this one.

Gretchen O. said...

Just to be clear, the interior/exterior shots are white "dream" rooms...the only one that is mine is the pic of the front of the house:)


The Zhush said...

I am absolutely with you on this one! I live in a white house, with white flowers and a white kitchen too! Now I want that sweater! :)
PS: Your house is gorgeous!!! (ditto, this blog)

the vintage wren said...

Beautiful home, and the dream pictures are great inspiration. I love white flowers in the gardens, they are my a moonlight garden.

I'm so glad you found my blog through a perfect gray... yay for Carolina girls ; ) Carrie