Thursday, October 21, 2010

One thing leads to another...

After I got over my shock of that beautiful island from my post yesterday, I thought I would flip through a little more of my House Beautiful.  I came across the gorgeous spread (which happens to be the cover) of a pied-a-terre in New York that Phoebe Howard and her husband, James Michael designed for the, from the movies couple Erica and Harry from Something's Gotta Give. (one of the best movie sets of all time BTW!)

Anyway, this photo (another 2 page spread!) got me to thinking about table settings.

via House Beautiful

So I linked on over to Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper, Phoebe Howard's blog and started poking around, you know, avoiding laundry and dishes like the plague!

I clicked the events page and saw that....
Eddie Ross is going to have a event in Charlotte on November 4....hmmmm, check calendar, nothing going on, immediately email RSVP, and I am in Like Flynn!  YAY! YAY! YAY!  I had been moping around feeling sorry for myself that I didn't live closer to Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips to go to her event with Eddie, which sounds like soooo much fun!

I am a sucker for a beautiful table setting and I love new tips and tricks, and since we will be hosting Thanksgiving this year in our new digs, I think of it as a necessity to go.  Don't you?

Here are some of Eddie and Jaithan's Thanksgiving  table settings.

via Eddie Ross, his spread in Lonny
via Eddie Ross
Via Eddie Ross

I am going shopping with he and Jaithan on Saturday November 6 at the Metrolina Antique Show too,(which is sold out!) you don't think he will think I am a stalker, do you?  I like to think of myself as an enthusiastic fan!

Getting more excited by the minute!

BTW: I am so glad I didn't do laundry or dishes....I may have NEVER known about this.


Rene said...

Oh what a treat, you stalker, you ;) I'm jealous.


pretty pink tulips said...

Oh.....the fun you will have! Look for my friend, Laura, who lives in Charlotte. She'll also be at the Mrs. Howard event.

Report back on every tiny detail!!!!!
xoxo E

ps: my darling little rug arrived! thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I have tickets for Eddie Ross at Metrolina, in the afternoon, but would love to meet you, so maybe we should come to Phoebe. I adore her work. Crystal from rue had a request for interesting hunter green usage, and I sent her straight to my post on Mrs. Howard. That green fabric walled dining room with the nail head trim is the bomb.

pve design said...

Now there are planes, trains and cars that could transport you right here to attend the "pretty pink tulips" eddie to meet you.
have fun stalking....eddie will love you. (jaithan too)

Kathysue said...

Oh you are one lucky lady. Love, love E&J, I am a long time fan and friend or at least I like to think so. They are the most endearing men, You will love your time with them I promise!!!! Phoebe Howard is my design idle, love her design aesthetic, perfection to me!! Tell Eddie, Kathysue said Hi and wish I could be there but Calif is just too far to attend, Kathysue