Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ultimate in patience


ur Yard. A blank slate, a yard that has not been tended too in more than 30 years!!!  There are only a few camellias, and some plants that we brought over from our old home  We have kind of delinated where the grass is going to be and some of the beds...but basically it is weeds(30 years worth of vines!), and a large dirt patch! This weekend I was able to make it feel just a tiny bit more like us.  With the addition of a small bricked in flower garden.

You see, we kept ALOT of brick from the renovation.  We took down part of a terrible addition in the back and rebuilt it.  The back of our yard is a kind of refuse pile of bricks and mortar...luckily it is hidden by the back garage because it is U-G-L-Y!

Many, many loose bricks.
All stacked up by my wonderful husband.
Aren't stacked bricks pretty?

But I can see using most of it in various projects around the yard in the future.  This little garden was just the beginning.   In the next 2 weeks we will get sod, and I think that the yard will start looking much better.  But for now my little pansies make me HAPPY, and the dirt patch doesn't bother me quite as much.

Pretty pansies...notice the acorn at the bottom of the photo....we have alot of those too! Anyone need an oak tree, we can probably grow you one from the millions of acorns!
I love gardening in the fall, the weather reminds me of the spring, the reward of what is planted isn't immediate,(except pansies:) but the prospect of what the garden might be in the spring when the bulbs start to pop and the flowers start to rise is something I don't tire of, and am willing to wait for....and I am not really a patient person.  A beautiful Garden is the ultimate in patience!!!

Maybe some day I can have a garden like my friend Elizabeth over at Pretty Pink Tulips....


Do you all like to garden? My hands in the dirt this weekend was really fun!


pretty pink tulips said...

Gretchen, what a sweet surprise! I'm glad you like the garden at our sweet white house. If it is any consolation...this is not what it looked like when we bought the house 4 years ago. We ripped out EVERYTHING and started over - those pink tulips have become a signature at our house in Spring.

You'll get there. After all, you've already got the vision!!
xo Elizabeth

Rene said...

Your garden is beautiful and yes, stacked bricks are pretty. It will be fun to watch as your garden grows. Now, I must pay a visit to Pretty Pink Tulips.


quintessence said...

Gretchen - you ARE patient. I couldn't cope and gardening is not my forte - I have a brown thumb. I have learned, however, that with gardening and landscaping, patience and vision are definite virtues. Elizabeth's house is so charming - love the shade of green of the front door - which is so perfect with the tulips!

The Zhush said...

I too adore Elizabeth's landscaping...really the whole house. I love your ideas, pansies, the will be fun to check back a year from now on this post to see the progress you made!

The Buzz said...

Elizabeth's garden is one I aspire to as well... Your idea of using the bricks for a little walled garden is genius and you'll have such fun filling in the beds. I'm planting over 100 bulbs this weekend and your post definitely inspired me!

Gretchen O. said...

Thanks all for the encouragement! Just plugging away. --G

Michelle said...

It looks amazing! Now if I could only get you to come work on mine... I've never really had a green thumb.