Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This screams mountains to me.!
 I was flipping through my latest issue of House Beautiful one of my favorites the Entertaining issue and got to this article.  It is a Stanley Dixon home in the Mountains of North Carolina is Cashiers.  Absolutely beautiful. 

And then I flipped the page....

it is so ingenious the editors believed  it deserves a two page spread. (excuse the bad scanning)

Natch....a full spread on the Fatabulous Idea....who would think of something so AMAZING????  Who you say....ME!  THAT is EXACTLY what I wanted for my island.  I don't have proof, of course, because it was in my head and explained with much waving of the hands and "you know, like a gate leg table, it drops down when not in use, but adds seating, would be great for entertaining, bla, bla!"

When I was designing my island I wanted it to function like a gateleg table and was told that was a terrible wouldn't work, yada, yada .  Guess who was the first person I showed THIS picture too?  My husband of course...the first naysayer....I am still trying to track down my cabinet maker.  (he was wonderful by the way, he just didn't get my stroke of ingenious.)  Maybe I should have tracked down Stanley Dixon first...Oh vell. It is a little bit of consolation that I DID have this idea that ended up in House Beautiful, even if it never came to fruition!

Have a fabulously creative day, and when you have that light bulb idea...GO FOR IT, knock those naysayers out of the way...!!!!


mom said...

Remember what Ben Franklin said about originality .... Great quote and SOoooo true!!

Hmm - maybe we can do a drop leaf counter in MY kitchen :-)


pve design said...

It's not too late! I always think we designers must trust our instinct especially when someone says it can't be done! Love that gate-leg island!

The Zhush said...

Great idea, great advice...and great clever that you thought of this (next kitchen for sure!) :)