Friday, October 1, 2010

Drumroll please....

The Coffee table Design Book of the Month!

 So I KNOW you all have been waiting on the edge of your seats, waiting for my next installment of the Design Book of the Month. Well the waiting is over AND here it is!

DOWNTOWN CHIC by Cortney and Robert Novogratz of 9 by Design on Bravo TV Fame. If you didn't know already, they also own their own design firm Sixx Design AND they raise their 7 kids (2 sets of twins), AND manage to do it with much style, fun, and  humor!  All I can say is WOW!  I loved every episode of the show, and was so excited to receive my book. 

Designing fantastic spaces from New York City, to Tranconso, Brazil from Residential to Hotel Design this amazing duo is helping to transform the way we all look at design.  The ultimate in High/ Low aesthetic.  They are more than willing and unafraid to mix the common with the luxurious, breaking all rules along the way.   I can't wait for what else they have in store.

You HAVE to take a peak, there are great quotes, tips, and  most importantly photos and inspiration throughout the book.  

you MUST check it out.

Happy Friday, well what is left of it!


Liz, Viive and Benji said...

I was one of 7, so I could not imagine how anyone gets to be chic. I will preview it at Borders, though, before I buy it. Also, consider my friend's book Gardens for the New Country Place.

Rene said...

I honestly cannot have enough design books. Truly among my favorite things. This looks like one we could all be inspired by.

Amy R. said...

I love design books. I layer them throughout my house and reference them like the Encyclopedia Britanica...okay, does that make me old to say that or what??

Amy R.