Monday, February 13, 2012

Coffee Table Books are a staple...even better when signed!

My newest Coffee Table Books!

I really love coffee table books, especially Design Books.  Many times this is what I turn to for inspiration for a design project (and my coveted collection of magazines, but that's another story!) When I was in Atlanta at Market, I made sure to sit in on a couple of talks and book signings.  One was with Brooke and Steve Gianetti from Velvet and Linen.  They just published a book called Patina Style, the photos are AMAZING.  and Steve takes most of the photos himself. This dynamic Duo was just a treat to listen too...and I of course got my book signed.

The second talk I attended was with Christiane Lemieux founder of Dwell Studio, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan cofounder and CEO of, and Heather Clawson from Habitually Chic blog.  It was a great talk on the power of blogs and business, where technology is taking us in the design world, and how you can embrace technology and make your business better.  Christiane and Maxwell both have new books out.  UnDecorate by Christiane is just that...don't worry about "decorated" spaces, make them uniquely yours...and Decorate like you live. And Maxwell's is Big Book on Small, Cool Spaces....has such great photos and ideas on how to design a small space. So I of course got mine signed, and was a little star struck and chatty when it was my turn to get my book signed....a total dork. They couldn't have been nicer, and down to earth.  Maxwell and I had a really nice chat. (which puts us on BFF status, in case you were wondering...HA!)  And I think Christiane couldn't be any more inspiring, founding/creating/ and running DWELL and having a family...she is a rockstar.  And Heather is in the midst of writing a book that will be out this fall.  We chatted a little about her process, etc.

Here I am with my starstruck grin.... thank you to the kind strangers that used my cameraphone to snap these photos. 

How shiny am I??

Total Dorky smile...I am in awe by her, she is just an amazing talent.
Have  a great week.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

How fun to be able to attend their talks and to get your books signed. Hugs, Marty

Holly said...

You're too funny - i would have been the same way. I saw some tweets from Heather during this conference and thought it sounded great. I also love my coffee table design books and refer to them often.

Jeff Hardy said...

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