Monday, October 17, 2011

You PIN, I PIN, we all PIN for Pinterest

At the park the other day a friend of mine accused me of keeping secrets from her...surprised I said..."what on earth do you mean?"  She said...."Pinterest!"  Oh, sorry, my bad:)

I have had a Pinterest account for a while now, but haven't utilized it to it's full potential.  I just started using it for client collaboration...DUH!  I mean, it is so perfect for a client/designer relationship....especially at the onset of a project....when all of the brainstorming on both sides is going on.

I am working on another kitchen design and this tool has become so useful for cataloging all of the ideas.  I Pin, she pins, we both pin, she likes, I like, we both like, I comment, she comments...and the circle goes on....the only problem is there isn't a private "dislike" button, because we all know that seeing what someone dislikes cans sometimes be the quickest way to get to get to the root of a style.  Regardless, it is a tool I am going to go back to again and again, and I won't just be pinning aimlessly because I am in love with it... I have client's to think about!

Here is how our pin boards have been shaping up.  Notice a style evolving???

Happy Pinning my friends.

***  And sorry for my lack of posts....I have been super busy, and am having a problem finding time for everything.  Might cut back to only post 2X's a week....or whenever the bug hits me.  Thanks for understanding:)


pve design said...

I pin too and it has really helped me to focus in on things. Good luck finding more time pinning, blogging and living!

Holly said...

Pinning is fun - that is a good tip to know for client collaboration. I didn't even really think of it like that. Those built-in cabinets are heavenly in the dining areas!

kait said...

I'm no designer but I still majorly love pinterest! Following you on there too now :)
xx, Kait