Friday, July 8, 2011

Been Hanging Around

The "collected" wall above my bed

Sorry to have been out of the loop lately...I decided to take a break.  Well, actually, I have been getting some much needed home projects finished.   One of which is the wall above our bed.    I have had all of these old New Orleans drawings that I have been planning on putting in our room, just sitting in a pile.  (my husband is convinced I have a phobia of hanging things on the wall.)  Well I showed him:)

  We got engaged in New Orleans, so I had always wanted them in the room.  The one thing holding me back was the big print, it was just in a plain black frame.....fairly bla.  But then I forgot I had the gold and black frame hanging around...and thought "hmmm, I wonder".  Well, I think it gives it the heft it needed.  A frame inside a frame.  And so it goes, I got the wall finished....onto the rest, right.....?????

And it just so happens that a local designer friend of mine, Cameron Smith, from Edit, Fluff, and Style sent me a little note this morning, that she was having a little impromptu "Estate Sale" (A "no one died just trying to purge some things") kind of thing.   She also has an amazing eye, and can be found with a booth The Pink Party Dress at Metrolina and sometimes Scotts. She has beautiful European antiques and artwork.  Gorgeous stuff!  We actually met at an estate sale where we were bidding for a lot of the same things....and then I saw her in Charlotte and I thought there's MY pelmet!  Ha.  At least I know I have good taste:)

I digress....the estate sale.....I found a couple other things to pull the rest of the look together.  The Rug (a blue and white chain stitched number) which has a tiny bit of yellowing, but kind of goes with the European  French look.  And the Black striped Down pillows.

The Black and white pillows AND an old newel post that I had downstairs. 

The new Rug

Vignette beside by bed.  Need a place for all of the plastic jewelery my daughter has made me:)
So here comes the fun part.  You see that irridescent bowl on the sidetable?   I think I am going to pull my drapery fabric from that and go kind of a mulberry/purpley color.

via Giardino on Etsy

I know I will probably change, but I really love to play around.  At least the base is there.  I need a bedskirt and Drapes....and the design goes on....

Also, guess who is the lucky duck today....MOI!  I won the motherload of giveaways from Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence.

I mean look at all that LOOT! THANK SHERRY!
Have a great weekend Ya'll.  It'll be a scortcher here.



Gretchen....Love the frame inside of a frame.....genius! And the goes in your bedroom...looks like Charleston to me :) but with a edge! So glad you won the giveaway and I mailed it today!

hollyG said...

I saw this giveaway on Sherry's blog and it's so great! and I found you through Sherry's blog too. What are you going to do with your new goodies? I've got projects coming out the wazoo...glad I'm not alone.