Monday, July 11, 2011

A little sneaky peaky

It's coming together! 
I know it looks a little dramatic, but the other fabrics white and sea foamy blue are going to temper the red canopy.

I know I should be getting my kids ready for bed right now, but instead I am know why?  Well I will tell you.  I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT E's Room!  It is all starting to come together.  This morning it was all in my head.  I vowed to try to use what I had, and not go over board. 

Earlier today this is how my studio looked....

All of the fabric that will be E's Room.
I was playing around with fabrics etc...My little client really wants a crown/canopy pelmet above her bed.  And being the obliging designer that I am....I went out in search.

I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a french pelmet...and today was the day.  I stopped by a "steak sale" (that is what my sweet kids call them, B is still trying to figure out where all the steak is:)  Ha!

Anyhoo, it was the 3rd day of a local estate sale, (the Estate Liquidators of SC, they are awesome and always have great things....they even have some exciting things happening that I can't divulge right now...very soon my friends!)  I digress.... 50% off and I came across this....$2!

Ugly now....but sprayed Red...LOVERLY!
I had my eye on one at a local antique store, but it was $50 and I KNEW I would find one sooner or later for today was my day!  I mean, the world is working in this designers favor...because if I hadn't found it the bed would still have all that fabric on it.

So, I got to sewing and it is ALMOST done.  I need my handyman husband, and the spray paint is taking FOREVER to dry in this humidity, but fingers crossed it will be up tomorrow.

Here is some of my inspiration for the room....I blogged about it here.(back in FEBRUARY, as  you can see some things have changed.)

via decorpad
via decorpad
via country home
via decorpad


grow girl said...

Sneaky peaky is right! What a fresh, bold, yet darling color combination--perfect for the little client at hand.

KatiePerk said...

Love it! I am obsessed with pompom trim!

Cathy Wall said...

You go girl! A fantastic bargain and it looks great in red! Love the fabrics and look forward to seeing the finished room, what a lucky "client!"


Meredith Jewell said...

Can't wait to see the finished room!

hollyG said...

I LOVE the bright candy apple red and blue together. What a find! I love good finds. Looking forward to seeing the room.

designchic said...

It's going to be great and your "client" is going to be thrilled!! Adore the colors and can't wait to see it completed -

Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

That Sarah Richardson designed room with the great wallpaper is on my blog too! It's a personal favorite! Looking forward to your reveal!!