Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Teasers Here.

The Teester is all Hung!
The little bit of pattern on the bottom.

 But A Teester we have.  I have been calling the Cornice/Pelmet/over the bed thingy the wrong name.  It is a  Wall Teester.   And the "client" couldn't be happier.  When we got it up, she walked in hands clasped over her mouth and she said "Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!"  There are still many things to be done, but the main piece is FINISHED!  And by my own hands, thank you very much.  For all of you sewers out there...this was one of those times when everything was going my way...I think I had to just pull a couple stitches....which is NOT my usual experience.  It is leaving me saying, hmmmm, I might sew more often.   AND there are NO unfinished edges. Woo Hoo!  Oh, and I finished the pillow in like 15 minutes.  Between the time the kids were taking a bath and when they were going to bed (my husband was like, "you just did that....I don't know weather to be impressed or think you are a little nuts!"

So here is the lowdown on what I did.  The striped part is an old sheet that I have had forever,(when the color is right it's right) and the white is linen.  I just pieced it all together. Et voila!

The bedspread is a chenille spread I found for $7 buried at an antique store.  You don't find this contrast very often.  SCORE!

Now I have to hang the other curtains, and re-do the chair, and buy the floukati rug, and re-do the lamps, oh and bring in side tables.  But I think we are well on our way.

Happy Hump day!


Cathy Wall said...

Just darling~! Your husband should be impressed....I certainly am!

Cathy @ Room Rx

Meredith Jewell said...

Love it! Beautiful, Gretchen...I'm sure your daughter won't mind bedtime as much anymore (if she ever did) since her bedroom is 'so grown up' and beautifully decorated!

hollyG said...

Your client must be quite happy ;) I loved the way you described her reaction - so cute. It looks so pretty and perfect for a little girl's room.

Dovecote Decor said...

Vintage linens are a weakness of mine, along with china. I wanted to give you a heads up: We are excited to be included in HGTV's Freebie Friday giveaway tomorrow. We are giving away a cool Asian lacquer coffee or low side table in one of 5 color options, so come on by for a chance to win!! Its worth upwards of $500.00 so its our biggest yet.
Good Luck!

LiveLikeYou said...

That looks adorable and great colors and patterns! Very much the style on my mind. Been designing a Mamma Mia look for LiveLikeYou that comes out on Monday. Maybe you have some things in your store we can add to the site? It's a colorful bohemian island vibe.