Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Onto the Girls Room.

I love this beddding by Serena and Lily....with that pop of purple rug.
Love alll of the color...and the pink, red and purple....
via the Lennox

I love the Victoria Hagan fabric....hmmmm, might need to get some.
By Robyn Karp

if you remove the teenager touches....I am realy liking the purple. 

I know I know, I completely didn't post on Valentines Day...One of my least favorite holidays, BTW. Unfulfilled expectations, yada,yada....so I am moving on....to My little girls bedroom.  Inspired by Valentines....red and pink AND purple.   I know the inspiration is all over the place but I am taking little bits from them all.

Now this little girl LOVEs her stuff (she comes by it naturally):):) She loves to collect things, and has been known to use anything and everything to make her imaginary world come to life.   She has more stuffed animals than I know what to do with, and plays with EVERY single one!  She loves animals, She is a budding artist and has an unbelievable imagination...she can spend hours in her room, creating, drawing, etc.  I don't even have to come up with projects for her, she comes up with them herself!!   I have found packing popcorn (and I mean the kind that sticks to EVERYTHING.... used all over the floor and her bureau as a winter wonderland scene...."Mom, I really needed snow!"  Anyway, I want a girly and creative space for her...with bold patterned fabrics but demure at the same time.  Hopefully I can pull it off!

Since we moved in April, all I did was paint the walls and move her furniture AND STUFF into the room.  Here are the before pics....taken this morning after the kids went to school.  All I did was make the bed...the good bad and the ugly

The child really needs a place to display all of her artwork. 
And I think the kitchen is going to go, tear:(

 Here is my plan of attack.

So I HAVE a Pink Room. (a really pretty light corally pink)
A Purple Velvet Chair! (thus all of the purple in the inspirations)
A red and white chenille bedspread. (that may need to be made into something else, ie pillows or bedskirt)

I NEED a bold patterned fabric,
to repaint the dresser or find a new one,
shelving, a big board to display all of the artwork
To rework the bedding, and make window treatments.

All I need is a little bit of energy to get it done.

Wish me luck!


pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, your little girl sounds like an absolute doll! I think you've got the makings (and the talent for) of an amazing room.

Get it done and show us pictures!! :)
xoxo Elizabeth

Cathy Wall said...

You've got a great start...fun ideas and a good foundation. Can't wait to see the transformation! A thought for the artwork...magnetic paint or short of that hang some fun, fabric covered bulletin boards that down the road can contain all of the teenager stuff (posters, cards, tickets, etc etc etc!!!)
What does your "client" have to say about it all?!


quintessence said...

I will be waiting with baited breath to see your ideas as my daughter wants to redo her room as well. Now granted, mine is older and doesn't want anything frou frou - we're talking brights and peace signs etc. But I'm sure I can get some inspiration from your clever ideas!!

Rene said...

YUM! Love these images! So happy and cheerful.


pve design said...

I love how this post is sort of your own little cheer - leading you to make some fun and fresh changes....and I love that you have documented the "before" - cannot wait to see what you do...a little color, pattern and your eye, it will be fabulous!


I with you on everything, even the energy part. I have been lacking in that area lately. I think pink and purple will be a great combination.