Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hog Heaven!

Elevations, inspiration, lighting scheme.  All on tracing paper.  I LOVE tracing paper...and how it makes my hands black (and sometimes my nose too!)

inspiration, my client loves these cabinets.

Very similar in layout to the kitchen I am designing.

THIS is what makes me happy (aside from my family, friends, health...etc:)  I am in it, in it deep, and loving every minute of it...YES, I am talking about my client's kitchen renovation.  We are down to the studs....one of the most exciting times in renovating...although my client just says, "Put it back together, PALEEASE!!!"

This is when the house 'speaks to you'...tells you what needs to be done....like we HAVE to have coffered ceilings now...bummer:)  Or that we gained 6 inches on one wall (that we needed badly, because of where the coffers will lay out)....Marc (the cabinet guy) and I both just looked at each other and said "knew we would find it somehow!)

I created elevations about a month ago,  things have been tweeked a little bit, but are coming together quite nicely.
The stove wall, 2nd iteration....measurements have been tweeked.

I have been working with the cabinet builder, Marc, which is so much fun.   I mean he is on it....with his Ipad, CAD  and everything...talk about loving to work with someone in the twenty first century. We literally sat on the phone (while I was driving to my parent's house on Friday) and hashed out the design, one cabinet at a time.  I have found that I have my Dad's analytical mind (measurements and all), and had a snapshot of it in my head and just designed and tweeked while driving, pulling measurements from my head.... can we say multitasking!  Normally, I am on the other side, at the computer while some one else dictates what will be changed....kind of fun having the tables turned:):)

This is when I hit my magazines and the internet.  Seeing how others have solved a problem.   Yesterday, I was looking at only coffered ceilings and how they meet up with the cabinets...did you know there are so many ways to make this happen.  A picture really is worth a thousand words, and really helps the client and the contractor visualize what you were thinking.  (have I mentioned before I LOVE my magazines). 

just one example....without the decoration.
This photo is from a kitchen's magazine from 2 years ago!

We also came up with the lighting plan....this always makes me sweat a little bit....hands shake.  I think it is a little bit of nervous and a little bit of excitement.   We have had to do away with a window to make more room, so lighting is incredibly important....I have also found a way to maximize the window that we have.  So excited about this one...but, that my friends is for another post....gotta keep you interested!

Have a wonderful day...it is just gorgeous here!


Design Blooms said...

Wow-that is so exciting..not many people understand why we get so excited about this stuff. Would love to see before and after pics!


I wish my brain functioned that way.....not so good with numbers..but great with ideas! Can't wait to see it finished...though I am sure it will take some time. Kitchens always do.

pretty pink tulips said...

How lucky is your client to have you guiding them through this! I remember being in my gutted kitchen wondering....will this ever come together?!!!

Lucikly, it did! And, so will your client's!!!
xoxo e