Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blast from Thanksgiving Past

one of my earliest table photos taken with film (GASP!)
I was cleaning out a shelf the other day and came across my old "portfolio" binder.  Yes, I have always taken pictures of my work even BEFORE digital cameras.  I would get all Martha Stewart and try to take magazine worthy pictures (much harder when you are getting film developed, and you don't really know how to use a camera:)

Anyway, I found these photos of my VERY first Thanksgiving.  What a day it was, there was much preparation and freaking out!  That was before I had kids and learned to "chill" out a bit.   It really reminds me though, just how much I have always loved to entertain and make pretty tables and just how much I have learned. My husband and I were recently married at the time (so it has to be about 8 years ago) and I remember him thinking, "you really want me to cut wood into disks so  you can use them for candle holders, OK??"

I rented an 8 foot long table for the was a big deal at the time!

Fun was had by all, and I am so happy that I had gotten all Martha and taken these pictures, so now I can share them with you.

There is also a photo of me looking all Martha with my arms out showing off my bountiful table, but my Mom has it and I can't get it from her...I will get it though and post because it is really funny!

There were flower arrangements everywhere....I had really shopped the yard AND the florist!
Today is filled with lots to do, but I have promised EVERYONE that there will be NO freaking out!  I really have come a long way since my first Thanksgiving...and I have MUCH to be thankful for.

Happy Wednesday.


quintessence said...

Gretchen - I think you did admirably well for your "first". The arrangement is lovely! Have a wonderful holiday!

Fran said...

Gretchen, thanks for sharing your pictures! I agree how having kids makes you much more chilled about everything and makes everything more fun!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Nessa said...

lovely... happy thanksgiving!

pve design said...

I too have my stash of styled photos where I feel my inner "Martha" - which is now my inner "Eddie" and using more color and making more impact with a mix of objects, silver with brass and unexpected touches.
This year we are not hosting, so I am missing myself "freaking out" - in a good way!

pretty pink tulips said...

I think your "first" was incredibly well styled - love the leaves!

I have yet to set the table though the turkey is safely tucked away until tomorrow.

Just wanting to relax and enjoy the slower pace!
Happy Thanksgiving, Gretchen!!!!
xo Elizabeth

Rene said...

Happy Thanksgiving Gretchen! Yous have always had that special touch.