Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cheesy Me!

Me Eddie and Jaithan after theshipping trip.

Just a quick post to let everyone know I did indeed go to see Eddie and Jaithan at Metrolina.  (My mom is taking the picture and didn't want to be in it!)  Anyway, We had such a fun time.  I didn't get as many things as I normally would, because I was a bit distracted....imagine that!  I will post on the finds tomorrow.

Yesterday, I posted a photo of 4 embroidered linens with an E&;J that I had made for them.  Cheesy of me, I know.  But I was just inspired...they were some of the vintage linens I had scored and cleaned from an auction..Who isn't so happy when an E&J pops up on their blog or in their inbox???   So I designed the monogram with their blog colors in mind and used my embroidery machine, as a little thank you for all of their endless inspiration.

They even tweeted about it...

How cute are 

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 Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


pve design said...

wonderful photo and sweet E & J linens!

A Perfect Gray said...

what an awesome gift. know you had a great time....looking forward to the complete details!


pretty pink tulips said...

That pic is SO adorable!!! You look great and I can tell it was a day to remember! Love the napkins you did for them. I'm sure they were so appreciative!!
xo E