Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On to another room....the office.

I like how the fishing lures are displayed.

Today is a sick day...me throat, one child has stomach bug, and the boys are healthy and out of the house...it is a rainy day...Soooooo, what a good day to ponder design projects that I would like to finish before the holdiays.   One of them being my husband's office/den.  He knows it is coming...I have been in there alot lately, just sitting in the chair thinking....he knows what that means:)  It is downstairs and needs to be, um organized and prettied up, in a manly way of course...so I thought it would be a good Christmas present.

He is really into fishing and I want to kind of use that as a theme (but totally not to themie, I am not a fan of themes.)  He has a ton of old fishing lures so I thought I would frame about 9 or 12 of them out in shadow boxes for something nice over the fireplace....or behind his desk.  (right now they are in a pile)...Here are the elements that I am working with.

Nice Desk that I got him for Father's Day...Check
Leather Chair that I bought him for Christmas years ago....Check
75 Gallon Fish Tank....Check (My choice for location would have been in the garage, but they would have frozen...his room, his room (i keep chanting that in my head!)
Quite a few collections that need to be organized in a nice way, without him feeling like I am casting (no pun intended) them aside and making it MY room:)

My punch list is some artwork on the walls, and drapes.  (I am thinking burlap...easy on the budget and casual...and would fit into the look I am going for.

I bought a couple of these prints on the shopping trip with E&J.  A catfish (for the catfish that just died that he had for 18 years...seriously catfish live that long in a tank)...and a pumpkin fish the first fish my daughter caught.

Here are some of my inspiration pics. 

Decorpad...I just love the artwork on the walls...imagine them as fishing lures...yes??

the quintessential study...who wouldn't love this....the chesterfield sofa....yum!  I couldn't resist.
via house beautiful

via House Beautiful...very similar in layout, and I like the collected look.
might be a bit sophisticated, but I love the artwork on the walls...and how it just all fits together.
(Do you think a fishtank would look good in this space:) hehe

I like the sofa against the desk....don't think we have enough room...but a nice idea.
I have always adored this space...but might not be for hubby:)
I like the shadow boxes along the top of the space...and this is the color of the room. I think with nice dark burlap curtains it could be nice.

So I have a bit of work to do...this is going to be my husband's Christmas present.  (kind of for me too!)  I love presents like that:)

Have a good day...hoping we are on the mend.


mom said...

You know what Scott needs in his study? A kitten/cat --wouldn't that be cozy? Fireplace, cat,leather chair, burlap drapes....of course it would HAVE to be declawed :-)

quintessence said...

Gretchen - You're too funny today! Love "his space, his space"...and love all your inspiration photos - I'm a sucker for a leather chesterfield - especially mixed with some modern lighting etc. Sounds like you're on the right track!

Amy R. said...

Hope you are feeling better. I hope to start working
on our home office sometime next year. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Amy R.

pve design said...

Are you sure that you are not destined to be an interior designer? I always love the images you gather along with your sense of humor and practicality.
Care if I drop in....I know you will have the place looking lovely and cheese and crackers at the ready!

The Buzz said...

Love your office makeover and I'll have to steal the picture display idea for own office wall. We missed on Wednesday and hope you can make the next gathering! Happy weekend!