Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Metrolina Shopping Recap...

My finds at the Metrolina Antique Fair
Okay, so here we go.  The day with E&J started a bit cool, which I was fine with, I got to wear one of my favorite scarves,  new jacket, AND nice vintage leather gloves that my mother in law gifted me.  Anyway, our cruise director, Jaithan, checked us all in and we were off to learn an amazing amount of information from Mr. Eddie Ross himself.  I thought I had a bit of information in my head, but WOW, he has so  many different ideas for absolutely EVERYTHING we saw.  A treasure trove, and he is so gracious to share it all with us. I especially loved all of his stylist secrets and how he updates otherwise dowdy things.

photo via Megan at pinktogreen

First stop was a booth with lots of old Ball Jars...but there was a little something different about these jars...many of them are purple...purple glass you say, well not exactly...turns out they started out clear but the chemical reaction in the glass with the magnesium and the light makes purple...cool huh???  My dad has a little collection  of Jars so we got him one.  Eddie had a ton of suggestions on how to use them.

via moi,  loving the ball trim...
photo via Diana at Please Sir

Next stop was a Vintage Button, fabric, and trim booth.  WOW! My mom has been using buttons for projects forever and really liked this booth.  She scored a bag of buttons for $12 and I got a few yards of trim that just spoke to me, I DO have a project in mind.

via moi, kind of liking the antlers in the background.
 On to another booth where Eddie showed us more purple glass....he also talked about his obsession with Compotes (I am with him on that one) and the many uses for them.  Flower arrangements, trifles, crudites, centerpieces galore!  Everyone NEEDS at least one compote in their decorating arsenal.

via Amanda at Casabrasi

And then on to linens...Oh linens...a few days ago I wrote a whole post on vintage linens. A friend of mine said something like "when they are gone, they are gone...." so true. There sure was a whole lot to choose from here.  So you can still get them while the getting is good.  The monogramming is just exquisite. Eddie suggested using a product called Laundress...I will have to check that out too!  ( I must say their packaging is very nice)
Then we checked out a few other booths outside, where Eddie talked about Majolica (that beautiful green ceramic dishware) and why antiques can cost what they do, collectibles vs. antiques etc.  There was so much information I needed a tape recorder!

And then we made our way inside.  (we were thankful for that because it was C-O-L-D)!!!!!

Here there was an amazing amount of silver and beautiful fine antiques.  He spoke about making friends with dealers as they are the ones that can help complete sets of tableware, flatware, silver, etc.for you.  So if you find 2 plates that you are in love with BUY THEM, there is always someone who can help source others for you.

I also learned a bit about the mother of pearl flatware that he has used many times.  I am in love with it and hope to start my collection soon.

via Diana at Please Sir
But all good things must come to an end....but the end happened to be a new beginning with new friendships.  I met a couple of bloggers Diana of Please Sir and Megan of PinktoGreen.  You must check them out.  I missed meeting Amanda from Casabrisi TWICE.  But we have connected via email and hope to meet soon.  It was so much fun meeting like minded people who "GET" why I was so excited to meet Eddie and Jaithan.  My mom had fun too!

And then we got to SHOP, we hit a couple of the places that Eddie had shown us and then we went out on our own.  By that time it was 4:30 and time to go.  SIGH:) Believe me, when my head hit the pillow Saturday night I was fast asleep, dreaming of tablescapes, and antiques, and sitting down with Eddie and Jaithan and my new friends at an amazing outdoor fete.

Maybe someday!


Kathysue said...

Gretchen what a great post on your day with E&J. Aren't they the nices guys, two favs of mine!! Loved all the items you showed. It is a fun day for sure. I got to go to Alameda last Dec. and do the same, what a great day that was, Kathysue

CASABrasi said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I had the best time with them. I hope they come back real soon.

pretty pink tulips said...

Fabooooo recap! Purple glass? Majolica? Antique linens? You were in heaven, weren't you?!
xo e

A Perfect Gray said...

great report! so sad I had to miss. next time...!

Rene said...

What fun! If you have any styling secrets you want to share, feel free.


Gretchen O. said...

Thanks all for your sweet comments. I think I have finally come down off of the cloud...

Rene, I am going to try to pull together a post about styling...hopefully I remember the tips.


The Buzz said...

So many pretty things to use as gifts and for holiday entertaining! You've given me a whole new perspective on the junk (no, treasures!) that is filling my big armoire. Since I'm cleaning it out this weekend, I'll put some of it to good use! Looks like you had a blast!

The Zhush said...

E+J and purple glass! What fun...loved reading about all the highlights through your eyes!


I have never been to Metro in Charlotte...is it similar to Scott's in Atlanta? Bigger or smaller?