Thursday, March 24, 2011


written on an old family slate.
It just occurred to me the other day that there are probably many people out there mis-pronouncing my name.  It is really quite easy once broken down...and like I say to everyone, just a little bit intimidating when you see it....and that I REALLY loved my husband when I took his was really the only thing I could find wrong with him:)  I decided a long time ago that I would embrace it, and own it....I mean it is kind of cool that there is not another Gretchen Opgenorth out there. (that I can find anyway!) 

It is of German descent....and it just so happens that my first name is German too.  I laugh and say that people probably expect something like this

to walk through the door when they have only seen my name and haven't met me.!!!!!  You know the quintessential German Barmaid who says...." Hi, my name is Gretchen Opgenorth."  In my best brusque German accent.

I like to think they are pleasantly surprised, and upon hearing me speak are quick to learn I have been a southern girl for most of my life...and know that they don't need to ask me "how long have you been in this country?"

 Oh, and I am more of a wine girl, but do love an occasional cold beer in the summer....and I bet I could carry that many beers if I tried really hard:)  Maybe next Halloween!

Almost at the end of the week....YAY!


Rene said...

This is too cute! Yes, do that for Halloween next year - you must! My pronunciation of your last name was correct, a big surprise to me.

In addition to being southern girls, and having German last names, we also have wine in common my dear :)

My Interior Life said...

Too funny. I think my pronunciation (well, the one in my head every time I see your name) was pretty close. I think I was just running the e and n together a little too much! Ha.

Gabriella said...

How funny! I can just imagine the thick german accent!

pve design said...

One day we will meet and then I will tell you my maiden name in my best German!
Love the look around crisp and fresh.

pve design said...

wink, just added you to my blog roll, cause every time i was spelling it all wrong. I love that your first name goes so well with your last. Just think if you were "Olivia" or "Paulina" - then you would be the St.Paulie girl!