Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Via House Beautiful, Tom Scheerer Design
(this is where I imagine the Snoratoium to be)
Yes, it is true.  Snoring sufferers/ and spouses unite....there is a restful sleep a snoratorium away!!!  According to Tom Scheerer, (awesome, and amazing architect and  interior designer) in the April issue of House Beautiful  it is the latest craze...along the lines of his and hers bathrooms and closets!  To all of you sufferers, (you know who you are....) you/ or said snorer should not be relegated to the couch, guest bedroom, porch, or bathroom tub.....or

a cot in the bathroom...it has been known to happen!

but to a very nice retreat of your own...Here are a few ideas of what I imagine a snoratorium to be. Maybe they already are...he, he!

via Traditional Home
via wonderlust
via Apartment Therapy
(I am assuming the snorer has woken themselves up and  is having to read instead...
or spouse can't sleep and needs a good book:)
via decorpad
via The Lettered Cottage
via House of Design and Style

if there is no room, maybe one of these in the closet, or hallway, or bathroom.

Sooooooo, call up your contractors/designers and get to work.   All snorers out of the closet and into the snoratorium!  HA!


Rene said...

Outdoor/porch snoratariums are the best! Loving the new header Gretchen! I hope you had a great time last week in DC.

My Interior Life said...

Hey Gretchen. You had a much nicer blog post about Mr. Scheerer than I did. I would go along with a snoratorium as my husband is a snorer and we often end up in different beds depending on the severity. Love your images!

Design Blooms said...

Wow-great header! Are you the snorer? Great idea though because I know it is a problem..love these pictures!

Splendid Willow said...

Ha! You are funny!

The white sofa in our bonus room. That would be my husband's Snoratorium (and one of the cats usually joins him!).

Warm hugs to you,


designchic said...

Love the new look Gretchen, and the snoratorium's...gorgeous!!

LiveLikeYou said...

hahaha funny. No one in our family snores, but my best friend stayed over with her husband and I would say he needs his own house.. a block away.

pve design said...

We have a porch and now all I need is some sort of day bed....for catching some zzzzz.s!

Splendid Market said...

I'll take one of those!!