Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Does this look familiar?

plus my "design" bag, and all of my park folding chairs.

yes, that table road shotgun!
(and halfway home I get a phone call that my child was sick at school, so I had to squeeze the poor sick girl into the car and make my way home....just a little blip in the auction trip!)

 The transportation of the goods.....on a recent trip to the auction house....without the trailer, a very messy car, and one child... I was surprised at just how much I had bid on (this was an online auction, can we say DANGEROUS!) 

Anyhoo, I just wanted to show you how a mom with one kid in the car manages to get all of her finds home....it is serious business!

This my friends is what my husband dreads when I pull in the driveway, because HE is the one that gets to help me unload it all....I KNOW he is secretly proud:)

To all of my "collecting" friends out there....does this look familiar????


pve design said...

I used to be just like you only now, I seem to be hauling it out of my own home to make room for a wall to come down. Some things I am passing on and some will be kept. It can be tempting, but also bury one....beware.
ha ha, hope your child is feeling better now.

Amanda said...

totally familiar. looks like you got some good stuff!

LiveLikeYou said...

Wait is this my car??? However...I would've had a couple of dogs squeezed in with the kid and the loot! Looks like a fund day!

designchic said...

Definitely...mine can be absolutely dangerous sometimes!! Love a successful auction~facter


Oh girl I have come home from Scott's with my hand out the window holding stuff :) That does look very familiar !