Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Should they stay or should they go???

my beautiful fern and egg prints.
I have been collecting things for my booth for a while now.   Sticking to the policy that I only buy what I love...well the problem with that is, that I if really love something, I want to KEEP it.  I am selfish that way...not wanting to share the goods.  Ya'll, seriously, This MIGHT be a problem.   I am opening a booth to FIND and SELL, not KEEP.

These little numbers have been sitting in a nice pile next to my computer, staring at me, pleading, please put us in your bedroom....we would be so pretty there.  And those little eggs, yeah, you guested it, they want to go in my guest bedroom. 

I have always LOVED the fern prints (you KNOW I love the color green), and the eggs are growing on me. 

Sooooooo the question remains...

Should they stay or should they a new home?????

(surely I will find some ferns and eggs for a steal of a deal somewhere else...) SURELY...sigh:):)


pve design said...

I just finished reading a wonderful book, the rule is one in - one out. So sell one and keep one. I like the idea of selling it and living with only what you really love.
Watch an episode of "Hoarders" and then see what you may think differently.

Cathy Wall said...

I love fern prints too, but the advice above is perfect, something has to go to make way for the fresh and new!

Design Blooms said...

Oh gosh, use them for a while, then you can sell them!

Antiqueaholics said...

I have to admit, I have this same problem. If you really LOVE them and have a place to put them (which it sounds like you do), then I would keep them. If you think you will find something you like better (as you will have the expense of framing), then I would sell them.

Personally, I love these prints and I also love green. Good luck with your decision

pretty pink tulips said...

I like pve's suggestion! I have similar egg pictures that I got in Charlotte....must admit....I LOVE them!

xoxo e

quintessence said...

Well I guess it all depends on whether you have a place for them but I love them especially the ferns. I once saw a powder room covered with framed prints of ferns - it was fabulous!!

LiveLikeYou said...

Hahaha always the same dilemma. I'd say frame them nice, enjoy them for a few months then sell them. They're vintage a few months won't do them any harm!

Anonymous said...

If you love the prints then I say you should keep them, hang them up, and enjoy!!! I understand not being able to part from things. You can always sale them later.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Dovecote Decor said...

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I have the same prints in my house...the eggs in my bedroom and the ferns in my maybe I am not the best one to ask :)