Monday, April 18, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors.

Seriously, do you have to sit right in the middle of my picture...I say.  I love this spot, he says.
BTW: He groweled when I tried to move him....enter people food, he moved quickly:)
 I have been asked on numerous occasions, "does your house always look so good"?  Is it EVER messy? Well I have to let you in on a little secret...NO and YES.  I am just like every other mother, trying to juggle it all, and the piles of laundry add up and the kids rooms are disaster areas, and, and and...YES, IT GETS MESSY...BIG TIME! 

However,  there are a few things that remain true....I DO like having fresh flowers hides the mess (doesn't it?) I DO try to pick up in the evenings, to allow myself a glorious 30 minutes of living in a picked up house...And there is a HUGE difference between TIDY and CLEAN!   Please, please, please don't look at my baseboards.

Another thing I love is creating vignettes, styling and taking photos of them.  Which normally end up on this blog...I think it is fair to let you in on the big secret.... a lot of these vignettes include moving all mess just inches away from the lens of the camera!  For a recent "shot" that I was creating for an upcoming ad, I had to tear apart a section of my house.  The dining room.

I actually have a funny story, I texted my sister a photo and she said "I WANT THAT STARBURST MIRROR!"  Does the store give you a discount?"  And I sent her the following photos and said, " the starburst is in my DINING room, smoke and mirrors, my dear!"

This my friends is the mess behind a good photo.

Little boys mind...
Oh, dining room in another spot...must use it for a emergency vehicle party! Perfect parking garage!

Just a mess, why do I do this to myself!
Smoke and Mirrors my friends.
So when you all see the perfect magazine photos, or photos on blogs.... just remember what is behind the scenes.  Much more like "real life".  But it is fun to pretend that this is the way my house looks.

Just wanted to disspell the myth that I might be neat freak, soooooo untrue!

Happy Monday!


Cathy Wall said...

Too funny!!! I just did a post today, where I apologized for not showing a photo of my messy office!!! Thanks to you, I will be brave and just put it out there. Tho I'll venture a guess that my messy office puts your messes to shame!

pve design said...

So good to know I am in good company. Thanks for keeping it all for real and in good fun.

Design Blooms said...

So true...thanks for being real! What store do you work at?

My Interior Life said...

You had me fooled! I do the same thing. Everyone knows magazines don't depict real life. No one could live in a magazine shoot! Love your honesty and your styling!

pretty pink tulips said...

Love it! I think we all live in a circle of clean-tidy-messy-dirty and around and around we go!

Did you see Eddie's tips over at My Notting Hill on Friday? I think you'd like them!

xoxo E


Ain't that the truth! Thank the Lord for "cropping" so I can crop out the mess. Who has time to clean the whole room for one tiny shot!

mom said...

You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, BUT you can't fool Mom :-) per Kapt. Kangaroo