Friday, April 1, 2011

Am I dreaming....Blue Sky!!!!

view out of my window.
I am so happy to see blue sky today, it almost makes up for the fact that I have a poor little sick one at home. As I was picking images for my blue inspiration I noticed I was picking the same designer over and this is a little about her use of blue too!

via House Beautiful
via House Beautiful

via Shelterpop
Who is that with those stunning blue vases....
None other than....
via House Beautiful
Ruthie Sommers Office
Anyone else notice I picked all Ruthie Sommers...well I DID and I love her, and she just did a great interview on about What's in Your Toolbox on DesignSponge.



tammikins said...

This has nothing to do with your post but I just noticed my Pantone color chart is in your header bar!!!!! How exciting!!! I feel kind of famous!

LiveLikeYou said...

I love Ruthie Summers, everything she does make my happy!! I would pay to go on a home tour in any of her designed spaces!!
So glad you got some blue sky!! Luke and I are in Miami --LOVE the sun and warm more day.

pve design said...

A friend of mine told me I am "like" a walking rainbow - which I laughed at! I guess we design obsessed gals have to walk around like rainbows and scatter blue skies even though we have had "like" 40 days of grey skies and precipitation. (sorry for the "likes" - my english teacher would not be proud)
What pretty rooms and skies to hope for.
I like all of your pretty images and blue skies!

quintessence said...

Blue skies here as well - yeah!! I love Ruthie Sommers also. Her work is such a fresh modern take on classic. So chic!