Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Been "Dreaming" at the beach.

2420 Myrtle Avenue, Sullivans Island SC
a Circa 1898 Renovated Beach house
For SALE for a cool $2.5 million

Something about white at the beach...look at that marble in the foreground, the industrial chair, and floors....MWAH!
I could curl up and read a book here.
more white...and the different iron beds....I LOVE!
I could get into having a pool like this.
and a pool house...I feel like I have seen that door color before...on my front door:)
This is a gorgeous greeny blue ceiling....not the usual "haint blue" but more green.
Ample parking for the whole family....and the shutters wrap all around. 
We need shutters and I have been thinking of going with the same color as my brick...and the farmhouse style?
Feeling swayed.
I could look at this ceiling all day!
maybe for the guests?  I love the shingled look.

Sorry ya'll we were on a little vaca at the beach (in a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo...a girl can dream can't she??)...and I didn't even feel the need to open my computer.  I mean, my family needed my undivided attention.  And I frankly, needed a break (no offense:)

Anyway, when I am on vacation, wherever I am, I decide right then and there, that this is the place for me and that I am going to find a home, even if it is a multi million dollar mansion, I mean, I feel rich on vacation....I don't know if all of that wine goes to my head, but I pull out the real estate section and start picking my favorite houses...dreaming of the life I would create there.  My husband just rolls his eyes...."really, Gretchen???"  I say, "oh, honey it is just dreaming, but we could get 30 of our closest friends....bla, bla...I mean we could make it work, couldn't we?????!!!!"

I could probably be in Mongolia ( I bet I could find a deal there!) and I would do the same thing.    "this place is PEEEEERFECT, I don't mind the cold":)

Are any of you tourist real estate stalkers when you go on vacation?  Picking the perfect vacation home....dreaming of the time that you win the lottery and what home you would pick.

I only wish I could see this home "for real" on the inside


pve design said...

looks like a great place to dream.
enjoy time with your real peeps!
we will be here....

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Such beautiful pictures! That's the way to vacation!!! (or live)