Monday, June 13, 2011

Trash...I don't think so!

This week I am going to blog about my finds and adventures this past weekend.  Part of my weekend was spent in Asheville, NC where my husband and I got married 10 years ago.  If you haven't been,  it is a must.  There is so much culture and see and explore.  Part of our Day on Saturday was spent doing just that.  Driving/walking around and exploring.   On our way to one of my favorite antique malls we drove by this sign.....


and I said "STOP!"  Sooooo..... my dutiful husband did just that!  He actually likes the thrill of the hunt too, so it is fun to do this sort of thing together (something that rarely happens anymore).

Guess who went home with the B in the upper left hand corner;)

We walked inside and were so pleasantly surprised at the ordered chaos.  I mean when you are dealing with scrap materials there is a definate bit of chaos, but they have it nicely ordered.  They had a nice long table in the building for people to is such a fun idea, and I hope they are successful.

Another score were these walnut corbels...

They are going to be great to hold up shelves...marble maybe??

Under the work table a stack of tracing paper with architectural renderings caught my eye....a sucker for anything architectural I had to take a look.  As I was shuffling through this treasure trove of old fashioned hand drawings,  I asked where they got them, and the owner said that an architect had retired and given them all of the renderings....and pointed to one above the register.  I took a look and exclaimed "Oh, Honeyyyyyy a rendering of the hotel we stayed in the night we got married!"   That certainly got his attention:)  I immediately asked, what it cost....Expecting it to be much more because it was highlighted behind the counter....the response was " $2 for the large, just like the rest of them."  SOLD!  YAY!  It was meant to be ours...and found while celebrating our 10 year anniversary...I am a sucker for sentimental artwork!

This will look so great framed.  I am doing a collected wall of black and white artwork in our bedroom of places that hold special meaning in our life...and this will work perfectly!  Can you tell I am excited....and for $2!!!!!!!

So, ya'll the next time you see a sign that says TRASH...take a second look, you just might be pleasantly suprised at what you might find!

I have lots more things to share....stay tuned.


A Perfect Gray said...

so totally jealous. trying to get to asheville this summer. did you get to the screen door. that's my fave, I think. also one other place and I can't remember the name! donna


I always get up there with friends who do not want to go to flea markets and junk stores! So...I need to go by myself for real. Hey, I finally got to watch Nate! You were awesome!

Kathysue said...

It was meant to be. I am just like you I love any renderings especially if they are all black and white, You found a real treasure!! Kathysue

Hooper Patterson and Ann White Schutte said...

We are heading to Ashville sometime this summer...I hope their are some renderings left. LOVE them! Hooper (my blog partner) just framed some from a project we are working on and they look amazing! Happy Anniversary...-Ann