Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trying to Organize

Now I am Ready for any Design Emergency!
So lately I have been ALL OVER THE PLACE!  And by that I mean, my life and business have been intermingling in lots of different bags.  Magazines and books in bags, with fabric samples and notebooks in another, cameras and measuring tape hammers and nails, tape in another, pencils and paper and pens all swimming on the bottom never to be found when I want them!   Oh, and my purse with wallet, keys, juice boxes, snacks, crayons, and the random toys...I mean how in the world am I supposed to run a business, not to mention a family like this???

This is the curse of a creative person, I tend to be not the most organized. (although I can organize for OTHER people.)  I mean I have my processes, and I can usually find things when they go missing, and I, at least, have a folder for receipts and business papers, thank goodness for quickbooks and online banking!  But seriously, I have a vision of order NOT chaos.

Yesterday, I went on a quest for some organization.  For family AND business.  And I didn't set my goals too high, I mean who wants to be disappointed by the end of the day when nothing is actually organized and it is all still a mess.  So my goal was to get 2 bags for business/styling stuff.  Sort through my 10 bags of stuff, and consolidate!  I found my inspiration from Heather Bullard here...simple enough. A place for my swatchbooks, measuring tape, notebooks, pencils, camera, and important papers...all in one little bag. 

I keep important information on little notecards that is filed away in this little box. 
(kind of like recipe cards, but they are design cards with measurements etc.)

AND I have another cool canvas bag for all of my client fabric samples(which I keep in zip lock bags) magazines that I am using, etc.

I kind of really love this bag!

Since I am a immediate satisfaction girl, I wanted the Canvas Riggers Bag from Harbor Freight just like hers...I showed my husband and he said "Oh, there is a Harbor Freight in town!" Yes!!!!  A 40 minute drive with the kids and I had my Riggers Bag ($14.99) and the other canvas bag ($13.99).   I couldn't wait the 2 days for shipping, I wanted organization and I wanted it NOW!  AND there was a Goodwill right next to the shop where I HAD to stop and I found a something to organize my Child's life as well....a place for the dolls....

A fun red retro suitcase for the dolls. Her new Color scheme in the room is pink and red so it fits perfectly....
And I love the name Lady Baltimore!

So, ya'll I am set and ready!  If you call I I will be out the door in a flash with my little tool bag.  If you need that collected wall designed, consider it done! If you need a paint color consultation I know where the swatches are!  No more looking for all of the tools I need!  YAY!  Business is looking better if I could only get that Enormous Inspiration Board created, and collect all of my thoughts, I would be golden...

via Amber Interiors
I am headed out of town and will be at hanging at Scott Antique Market tomorrow and then headed to Asheville with MY Scott on Saturday!  Lots of antiquing in my least now I am organized!


pve design said...

I thought you might have actually sewed that up!
Silly that your instant gratification needs were met. Are you sure we are not twins?

tammikins said...

I am so honored that my Pantone color chart is one of the items in your emergency bag!!!!

Rene said...

It does pay to be organized and ready for emergencies. Hope your weekend was wonderful.