Monday, November 21, 2011

It's all been done before....

I was given a vintage book by a client last week on "All about Decorating", written in the 1970's.  Ya'll, my bubble has been burst!  it has ALL been done before:)  It was fun flipping through the books and seeing all that was "in", is totally "in" now.  I mean these photos could have been taken out of ANY number of shelter mags in the past couple years.  The only thing that really dated the book was the relentless matching  of wallpaper and bedspreads and fabric.    There were actually a few ideas that I would like to try. 

Forgive the bad images, I took them with my phone, but you will get the "picture":)

All white, green velvet sofa, matched with french provential.  And the old books.

Notice the garden stool.

Painted bookshelves, mixing metal and wood..notice the sconces on the side,
very similar to high end pieces I have seen lately

Mixing of finishes, I think I saw a table similar to that on Williams Sonoma

punched of color, and glasss top table

rustic chic trestle table

bentwood table and chairs with rustic beams

zebra rug anyone?  Oh, and the antlers on the wall.
zebra, metal, french, wood, need I say more....oh just a few more

letters on walls.

awesome graphic wallpaper
white walls punch of color.
I have seen these chairs all over...and the pendants.
(I couldn't get this to turn) so if you don't mind turning your h ead
It reminds me of a vignette seen in Lonny.

So there you have it.  I know, not EVERYTHING has been done before, and all of what we see now is updated in some sort of way, reworked and made new and current, but go grab an old design book, there just might be some great design ideas lurking around.

Happy Monday!


Holly said...

We share the same excitement about this stuff! I came across a book recently in a consignment store (I think it was a BHG book from the 70s) and it was amazing how many elements are still around today. Fun to look through - thanks for the look here.

pve design said...

I love looking back at old books and appreciating what looked good then and still looks appealing today. I bet the clothes and hair would not have the same desire.

Design Blooms said... are so right! Its great that you can go back to the 70's to get inspiration!!


Just like fashion!!! It is amazing how these looks are so in style right now!!!!!

A Perfect Gray said...

oh, that is so good. and we thought we were on the cutting edge! ha...donna

My Notting Hill said...

Couldn't believe it when I saw it but the sconces in the 4th picture are the exact same ones I bought from etsy. I enlarged your photo and can see the one on the right is mounted facing to the side and has the exact same curled metal wire at the top. Just posted about them today - The book doesn't happen to mention anything about them?

BTW, huge kudos on your Stickley find!! My sister-in-law used to collect Stickley w/her husband and who would keep the different pieces turned out be a sore point during the divorce. I hope you found a happy buyer for it or are enjoying it in your home.