Monday, November 7, 2011

Loving this look

This total mix of styles.  Midcentury, French Provencial, and modern. .I'll let you guess what I think ties it all together...

via Savey Home
via Angie Hnrowsky

via Pinterest
Getting ready for the Big Week!

Have a great Monday...I know I will...I will be doing what I love....zhushing up a space! Stay Tuned!


Design Blooms said...

Love those pictures, rugs make a room feel so cozy? My husband is really confused about rugs..he doesn't see the point in them if you have nice wood floors..but then when we add one to a room..of course, he loves it!

pve design said...

Stunning. What style!!

Holly said...

Great inspiration photos Gretchen - they are all really pretty and all pulled together so nicely with a rug. Love that first room!