Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Use Persian Rugs in your Kitchens and Baths

The Rug MAKEs the space!
Most people don't think to put Oriental Rugs in kitchens.  Well I am here to tell you, you might be missing out.  It can really pull together a space....and many persian rugs are made in odd sizes so that they can work in a small nook, or used as a runner.

In the last kitchen remodel I designed, we used Persian Rugs from the same Dealer I have from NY.  Mixing them in the space.  The colors are fantastic and my client thinks they are one of the best things we added to her kitchen.

via Gretchen Opgenorth Designs

isn't this dreamy? 
The Rug Really grounds the eating area in this kitchen
via Jamee Meares from I Suwanee
(This may be from my guy in NY too, he works with her as well!)

I couldn't agree more with the quote.

you can definitly mix and match!

Now,don't forget the bathroom.  Why use a run of the mill bathmat in the bathroom.  Use an oriental, or a kilim.  It will brighten the dreariest of spaces.  And since it is such a cold place with tile and marble it really warms it up.

this room would be so cold without the rug.
need I say more?
maybe just a little more.... the tub too!

so pretty and worn. 
via House Beautiful

So there you have it.  If your not inspired now....I don't  know what to  tell ya!
If you aren't in the market for a large rug for one of the big spaces in your home....don't forget about warming up the smaller spaces, and floors.   I will have a ton of small pieces to choose from next week, so don't forget to stop by my 3 day Rug Extravaganza!

Devine Street Pop-Up Shop
November 9-11, 2011
10am – 4pm, or by appointment
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Design Blooms said...

Sell it girl! That kitchen with the quote is one of my favorites too! Don't you have a persian rug or something similar in your kitchen?

pve design said...

Did you see the one in front of my wall pantry. I posted it last friday! Great carpets, they add magic to a room.

Rene said...

Your event sounds wonderful. A great round up of supporting images too!

Anonymous said...

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